Is this considered a liquid?


Are Shout Wipes considered a liquid? Deodorant is considered a solid, right? What about compact foundation (like the cream to powder in a compact stuff)?

I was just reading the TSA website and I had no idea each passenger was only allowed ONE quart sized plastic baggie filled with 3oz bottles?! I bought all of my liquids in a travel size yesterday along with quart size baggies thinking I’d then be able to carry on all of my toiletries then. I can’t fit all of my 3oz or smaller liquids in ONE baggie! Oh well. Guess they’ll go in my checked bag.


I could be wrong… but I dont think those are considered liquids.


T-Rae, you can pack all the quart sized baggies you want, but only ONE will be allowed in your carry-on. Limiting it to one baggie per person per carry-on makes the screening go faster. The good news from when I flew last week is that most people seem to be prepared for it.

What you’ll need to do is have your baggie ready, and remove it from your carry-on before you go through screening. You’ll place the baggie, along with your shoes and purse, into one of those plastic bins. (One bin per person; no sharing with your hubby.) I was surprised at how quickly the screening actually went, but like I said, most people seemed to be prepared.


Well said Voldy!


Thank goodness our airport isn’t very busy and getting through security is really fast.

I know I can take as many baggies as I want and only ONE in my carry on. That’s what sucks. I was going to have 2 or 3 in my carry on. Oh well. They’ll just be checked in my suitcase. :slight_smile:


Yes, my dh was commenting on how much smoother security has been lately, it seems that most people have got the hang of the quart size/liquid carry on thing. :slight_smile:


So, to find out about these specific items, should I just call the airport directly or just go ahead and check them in my suitcase and not worry about it at all?


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I did. There were a lot of things I didn’t even bother with, because I knew I was going to be gone for quite a while; why pack shampoo and mouthwash when it was easier to just get them here? I had my contact solutions, some toothpaste, my nasal spray and a little bottle of cologne, and that was it. I actually had room left in my baggie. :laugh:

It was funny, though – we had just landed in Las Vegas when I reached into my jacket pocket for something and found a surprise: a tube of gel lip balm (Bath & Body Works) that I didn’t even know I had. I’d been through no less than three separate screenings by that time, and technically, it should have caught SOMEBODY’S attention, but no. :pinch: :blink: :ohmy:

I made sure I moved it before I got on my next flight, just in case…:glare:


I know that a few weeks ago I dropped off my cousin at NY’s Laguardia aiport and his deodorant was taken from his carry on. I was smart enough to take away the cologne bottles for him, but I had forgotten that deodorant can be considered a gel. So, it, along with his toothpaste had been confiscated at security and he had to buy more in FL. I think in NY they are pretty strict about these rules.


I always wonder the same thing; is this a liquid or not?


  • my inhaler
  • shout wipes/wet wipes
  • cream concealer
  • mascara
  • deodarant
  • hair wax/pomade


gee, i didn’t even think of that!! that’s all i have ~ those little tubes…off to put regular old chapstick on my list…i can bring that, right?


I’m going out on limb here and saying - “If it’s wet - it’s a liquid.”

Boss Mouse tip #742. Write it down.


:laugh: But don’t you think the term “wet” is relative when you are speaking about items such as mascara, and hair pomade? :laugh:


I forgot about mascara! Sheesh. I really don’t want to pack my deodorant in my checked luggage! I might want that before our luggage gets to the room! To be safe, I’m going to go ahead and put my Shout Wipes, hair pomade, and now possibly my mascara (sheesh) in my checked luggage.

I think I remember seeing on the TSA website that Carmex or chapstick has to be in a plastic baggie if you carry it on. I’ll go find the list and post it.


Check this out for most items.

TSA: Permitted and Prohibited Items


I’m a Dapper Dan man.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Best laugh of the morning so far, Boss. Thanks.

  • my inhaler ought to be fine, but it in doubt, baggie it
  • shout wipes/wet wipes I had no problem with my Purell wipes
  • cream concealer this went into my makeup bag, which was checked
  • mascara ditto
  • deodarant I brought a solid, not a gel, and it was fine; I did see some gel versions that had been taken at the checkpoints
  • hair wax/pomade was also checked, in its own baggie to avoid messes

What I saw at the checkpoints that had been confiscated:

  • GEL deodorant; not many of them, but they’d been yanked
  • oversized tubes of toothpaste, many still sealed in the box
  • body sprays of various kinds
  • full-sized fragrances; if you have the large, 3.4 oz. bottles of scent, check them - I almost whimpered at the bottle of Poison I saw in a bag to be junked at the end of the day
  • lotion, lotion, and more lotion: sun products, moisturizers, baby lotion, shaving stuff, you name it
    -cans of hair spray and shaving cream
    -bottles of drinks bought BEFORE screening

What I had in my carry-on that nobody cared about:
-compacts; mineral powder foundation and blush sailed right through
-regular lipstick; the tubes are ok, it’s anything else that you should watch for
-solid deodorant
-regular lip balm; again, solid tubes are ok


Thanks Voldemort! That’s a huge help! My deodorant is a solid so that shouldn’t be a prob. I will say that it’s really crappy that our airport isn’t terribly busy (Kansas City) so they haven’t made updates that include somewhere to buy drinks after going through security. The way our airport is set up, once you’re through security, you’re at your gate (2 gates per security check) and unless you want to go through it again, you don’t leave the gate. Very inconvenient. But at least it’s fast and easy.


Fast and easy is good. KC to Orlando isn’t too long a flight, is it?

I lucked out leaving LV to come to Nashville: there was a food court right across from my boarding gate and I was ale to grab a tasty sandwich and a big bottle of water before the flight. Very convenient. Would that it were always like that…