Is this for real?


While looking at the link to the kid who is blowing 100K at WDW, I saw an advertisement for this site.

Has anyone ever heard of this place before? It sounds shady to me, but you never know. I’m interested in your thoughts on this. The first item that I checked was airfare of course. It had a flgiht from CA to Boston and said it sold for $150 and the original cost was $500…It can’t cost that much to fly economy from CA to MA can it? I think it’s a load of pooh. What do you all think?


Yes it can. I flew from St. Louis home for a week-end while away. I had been watching the price and couldn’t buy until I got this stupid approval from work. That brought me to a less than 3 week mark and the cost went up to $523 from St. Louis to Boston!


I must point out - I didn’t look at the site. Was just commenting that it can cost that much. I would be skeptical too.


That’s expensive for one flight. I’m just skeptical by nature. I would have a hard time booking something like this because I would be scared it wasn’t legit. Thanks for your comments. :heart:


Yeah, I don’t know, I would be EXTREMELY skeptical about it too. The red flag for me is that I thought ALL airline tickets are non-transferable. So if they are unclaimed, how could they be assigned to another individual? Who knows, I probably wouldn’t bother with that site. I would be interested to hear from someone who may have tried it though.

Dana, what was this article you were reading? Some boy spending 100k in WDW??? Can you link us to that?


Here ya go wish.


Wow, Dana did you look at the prices for vacation packages and cruises??? I wish I knew if it is legit. How can we find out? Maybe we can check the Better Business Bureau if we know where they originate from. At those prices I am ready to sign up now!!


I was looking on there a bit…we should check them out…


What post is that you guys? I must have missed so much not coming to visit lately


I never feel right if it says you have to spend money with the hope of saving money.


There is a thread called 100K at WDW or something of the like. Where have you been missy? I have missed seeing you.


here’s the link to it dopey darlink.


sank yuuuuu evver so mutsh Dana


Try flying on a Canadian airline within Canada. It’s unbelievable!


I always have a little chuckle when I see people here complaining about airfare - oh my - if they only knew. :dry: (but Air Canada still always wins “Airline of the Year”) - does that make you feel any better mwalter? :wink: BTW - have you tried a flight to Orlando on Westjet yet? I’m just wondering how it is…

  1. I suppose (with enough time) you could buy it on your Visa and then pursue their protection program if it didn’t work.

  2. I searched the net and only found links to this site on junk sites. Take it for what it is worth.


Thank you Miss Dana


In June my friend is probablly flying YVR-YYT-MCO on West Jest so I’ll let y’all know how it is for her. I’m like the HUGEST West Jet fan EVER though, so my thoughts might be biast :tongue:

Dana I wish I could believe that site, but I just can’t because I’m totally SURE that all flights espcially cost lots of money to trasfer and thats only normal fares, special or excursion fares that it. One name one ticket, you don’t use it you’re out money, they can’t resell it for less. Wiiiiieerd.
I’m really intrested in that site though, totally check it out with BBB