Is this normal?


So obviously we are all disney fans or we wouldn’t be on this website ALL THE TIME!!! My trip is a ways off and I spent my day off in front of the computer for about 5 hours changing reservations, checking menus, replying to message boards, etc… If I am this excited NOW, how am I going to get through the next 2 1/2 months!! Am I the only one that does this???


Nope, but none of us would admit to doing that… 6 hours, maybe, but how did you manage only 5 hours??? ha ha! Planning is half of the fun!


I just turned Mousebuzz off 10 minutes ago, went downstairs to do something, came back upstairs and walked past the computer. Went back on Mousebuzz. Just in case I missed something!


That’s the joy of being a DIsney Dork. Welcome to the club. Only we understand ourselves.


I’ve turned mine off several times, but I swear I hear Tink whispering in my ear

“Hurry back, someone commented on your status and there’s still that trip report you haven’t finished”


that was 5 hours TODAY!! Doesn’t take into consideration the last few months of planning! Your right planning is fun. I’m going over someones house tomorrow to talk to her about her Disney options! Maybe I should become a travel agent …one that specializes in Disney!


It is normal for true Disney lovers!


Our 15+ page travel itenerary proves that I am bad about that too. We are going with some friends so we have pages with must-dos, some of our “tips” and of course as close to a schedule as possible. On a positive note my countdown started over 100 days and is down to 5 and I can not believe just how fast it has gone.


Lol, Im so guilty of this lol… I just love this site:wub: Im so glad I stumbled across the website.



Birds of a feather…:blush:

You’re in great company here!


Well, it’s normal for us…


I check in several times a day, especially when a trip is getting close. By close I mean within a year! I should probably start all threads with “Hi I’m Becky and I’m a Disney addict!” just so everyone knows we have admitted our addiction.


I check Mousebuzz multiple times a day when I have the time, and my trip is in September. I think about taking a trip to WDW so many times each day I lose count. You are in very good company!


I can’t help it. Once I make up my mind about going, I NEED to be here and on other websites.
I do exactly what you do and so does everyone else.

You are normal for a Disney freak :tongue:


Good Lord, I’ve done it again. I thought you were a guy.

I do this ALL THE TIME. Is that normal? :biggrin:


Of course it’s not normal. But it’s What We Do. :happy:


We just booked a trip for Dec -11 months away- and have started checking menus and opinions for restaurants 5 months before I can make my ADRs. What’s worst is we plan on taking a trip in Oct 2012 and thinking about getting the CS meal plan. I’m sitting here looking up menus and adding up prices, to see if it’s worth it. Half my brain says “this is ridiculous, the price and menu will change by then”, the other half says “I don’t care, check it out”. So I’d say you seem perfectly normal.


I knew I was in the right place! The funny part is my 9 year old knows all the restaurants, can quote the height requirements for most rides, and is turning into a true Disney Fan!!


I used to worry that my Disney gene wouldn’t pass on to the kids and that they would eventually lose their love for The World as they grew into their teen years, but I’m now breathing a sigh of relief. They are all three still major Disney fans at ages 14, 12, and 10. :happy:


You mean you’re actually supposed to log off :ohmy:???
Hummmm when I’m home I just leave my laptop open on my dinning room table and hit “New Posts” when I walk by!