Is this poss?


I wanna know if this is possible to do. I have a package already pd for. I wanna know if I can switch my passes for the AP’s and pay the diffrence???
Also if I can do this when I go for my 2nd time using the AP’s can I still book a package with dining plan and all?? Please let mw know if I can do this cause this may save at least $900 on the trip after next… Thanks…


You can only get the dining plan with a package,not with an AP. If you book a package,you have to pay the rack rate plus buy a one day MYW ticket for each person in your party.


You cannot buy APs as part of a package. One option would be to exchange your park passes you receive with your package for APs when you arrive. It will take some time, but can be done.

The only way to get the dining plan is with a package that include the resort room (no AP discount) and a park pass. When the free dining was out, many APers did it and just bought a one day park pass.


I have known folks who have had success with using their theme park admissions from a Magic Your Way Package toward the purchase of Annual Passes. You would have to do it before your activate the passes. Just go to a ticket booth at one of the parks, and ask.

Now, as for booking a Magic Your Way Package, when you are an AP holder, you can, but as noted by mickaholic, you will still have to purchase theme park admissions with the package. I have known folks who have done this, and just not used the theme park admissions. They will still be good, if you don’t activate the pass, so you can use them for another trip, or toward purchase of your next annual passes.



Great minds think alike!! LOL! I was typing, while you were submitting your post.



Good question! Mickey would know best, but I have been told that you can go to Guest Services and they will scan your old passes and give you that credit toward new ones – I don’t know if it would work for APs, but maybe!


When my mother and I went for Night of Joy weekend,we had to buy a one-day one park pass to get the free dining. The day before Thanksgiving,we will be going back and she will be renewing her AP,so I will report on how successful she was in using that one day pass towards her AP.


Thans everyone… This is too nuts for me… I will just stick to my plan… I wanted to save some $ but thats not going to happen… :slight_smile: