Is this possible?


People are offered freeDDP for 2008 this year already. Is it possible for someone who will not use it give it to someone else? If so if anyone isnt going to use theirs please PM me. Thanks:heart:


I think you have to be there in person to book the bounce back.


Nuts! This will drive me crazy untill April:blink:


I actually had two different bounce back offers, but decided to pass because I’d rather wait for the first cold front and miss the love bugs than have free dining, especially if I’m going to have to pick up the tip and appetizer anyway.
And sadly you had to be there in September and at a selected resort to be able to book.


No,it’s not possible. You must personally be there to book it. I can’t imagine anyone giving that up anyway…can you imaine “no, you take it…I want to pay for my food…I have WAY to much money” LOL kidding and feeling silly.


How’d you get offered it?


I wonder which resorts will have it offered to them?


pop century i have it booked for next year


Hello and welcome to MB!

You have the POP booked for next year with the bounce back dining plan?


Oh yes…I have LOADS of extra money I’m not using. I have some extra non-expiring park passes too. :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I think that I phrased it wrong in my question. I think I ment to say if it was offered to someone and they know that they are not going back during that time… Or something like that… :laugh:


That’s kind of a crazy question, don’t you think?
Who in their right mind would put up with all the crowds when free dining is in effect only to offer the one perk that made them decide to come during that time to someone else they don’t even know?


And people jump all over me for ragging on other posters?:blink:

I did understand what Tinkerbell meant. I’ll repeat though. You had to be a guest at one of the selected resorts in late August and most of September in order to be offered the bounce back and you had to book before the end of your stay. So, it’s almost impossible at this time to assist you any more than suggesting you wait for April when free dining might be offered to the general public. This year, it was offered about 3 weeks earlier to Chase Disney Visa cardholders.


ROFL!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Ummmm, sorry–I only read your first post and nothing after that. I understand, going to eat my words now, with some sardines thrown in :laugh: :redface:


Actually, Tinkerbelle’s question wasn’t so crazy!! Believe it or not, we were at WL in September and did book the bounceback for free dining ($200 deposit). I upgraded to the Poly because we have never stayed there before. I have been second guessing myself, because now with the changes in the dining plan, I’m not so sure losing my AP discount (and paying rack rate) for my room makes up for the free food. I have to put the numbers down on paper. We also get a 20% discount on DDE, so the numbers are pretty close.

So Tinkerbelle, if I change my mind, I will PM you!!


but, leslie, even if you change your mind, the reservation with the free dining is in your name, and you will have to either cancel it or use it. i am pretty sure it is non-transferable.


That is what I thought too.


HHmm. Maybe I can sell it on E-Bay?:laugh:

My kids would probably kill me if I cancelled our first trip to the Poly, so I just better stop second guessing my plans!


Yes, they would! :laugh: :laugh: So stop before you do something irrational!!!:laugh: :laugh: :heart: