Is this really happening!


I can’t believe its finally here!! 6 long years and it’s finally here! in less than14 hours and we will be boarding the plane for our 10 days of Disney fun!! I am excited and it doesn’t feel real all at the same time.
Looking forward to creating my trip report.


Have a wonderful time, enjoy every moment, and please dont forget your TR with lots of pics so us who are missing a Disney fix can live through your trip!- Have a wonderful time!


Just have so much fun you can hardly stand it!:happy:


6 years! I am excited for you. Please please please leave no details out for your TR! and post pics too please :mickey:


Have a GREAT time! I’ll be there in 6 days!


I will!! I have my photopass ready and my cameras charged!!


I will tell Mickey you’re coming!


I am so sure I will. 6 years of planning and I’m jumping out of my skin!!


Will do I owe it to Mousebuzz for all the years of giving me my Disney fix. I’m just paying it forward.


Watching Finding Nemo in preparation for the events to come!! hee hee


Have an amazing time! I am so happy for you and your family. Just imagine that first deep breath of Florida air!:mickey:


:mickey:Have an awesome trip, take lots of pics


That is SO exciting I just got goosebumps! Have a total blast :slight_smile:


That is wonderfull! Enjoy!!


6 years? Wow,thats along time to wait. Have a wonderful time and soak it all in everyday!!