Is this the right night for Boma?


I just got to switch our ressies from Ohanas to Boma for our trip in June. I made them for Saturday night. Is that the night that they serve ribs? I think that is what I read somewhere. Please correct me if I am wrong.


The word on the street is Thursdays & Saturdays, I can’t find any proof of that on the web but when you ask people who’ve eaten there recently that’s what they’ll ya.

HEY! Our countdowns are similar & I am eating at Boma on a Saturday also, the 27th I believe.


ME TOO. It is for dinner at 8:05. How bout you?


We’re eating EARLY, we’ll have Daniel’s whole family with us that night. I believe our ADR is around 5:30pm.


When I called yesterday to change our ADR to Boma our first choice was at 4:30. We were going to book that until he said"I have one at 8:05" and my mother said take that one. I don’t want one that late so I will keep tring for something a bit earlier. If not 8:05 it is.


EVERY NIGHT is the right night for Boma. I know everybody plans around the ribs, but you’ll have to see for yourself that the ribs are one tiny platter on a huge meat station – there are a zillion fabulous meats to eat – beef, chicken, lamb, pork – and all are fantastic. If you miss rib night, it’s OK. If you are like us, ribs would probably only be a part of your meal anyway because there are so many good options!


Yeah, I like to eat early so we have time to walk around a park afterwards; it helps settle all the food. :laugh:

Well let me know if you change the time again!


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;964380]Yeah, I like to eat early so we have time to walk around a park afterwards; it helps settle all the food. :laugh:


You bring up a good point – I was complaining about my 4 p.m. Le Cellier ressies, but I htink it might actually be a good thing!


When we went last time they said it was Wednesday and Saturday nights! You’re going to LOVE it!


Last time we ate there, it was on a Wednesday and they had ribs. But we all know how things always change. Any way you can call the resort directly and confirm with someone?


MissDis is right, Boma is ABSOLUTELY excellent, ribs or no ribs. I’ve never been dissapointed with a meal there.


Rib night is Wednesday and SAturday. You can never go wrong with a Boma dinner,but it’s extra special on rib night…