Is this too ambitious? We are departing MCO @ 3pm


So, since we don’t have to be at the airport until 1 pm, is it possible to go visit Contemporary or The Poly for brunch? We are staying over at Terra Verde, and we can return the rental car at the airport.

I think it might be doable since we are all adults, and planning to be up and out of our villa by 9 am. I’ts a 4 br 3 bath villa so we won’t be fighting for the shower etc.

What am I ‘not’ thinking of?


Plan on being on the road by 12. You should make it.


All adults ? Okay, that should work. I don’t think I’d try this with kids in tow.


hahah, DDoll, I think I’ll copy this, fold it up, and put it in the glove box of the rental car to show the ‘kids’ as we’re hauling a$$ out of the villa around mid day!