Is this true


I am sure this is old news but I heard that Disney imagineers were fired and went over to Universal and created the HULK and now Harry Potter. They were fired because their rides were getting a little overboard and too scarey.

Is this true?? just curious if anyone knows.


I have no idea about that.

My cousin’s neighbor in Celebration is an Imagineer for WDW. He actually used to work at Universal/Islands of Adventure, designing rides for them. Then Disney found him, and he became an Imagineer.

I don’t think an Imagineer would get fired for brainstorming rides that are too scary. However, after dining with an Imagineer, I learned that Walt Disney Imagineering goes through a lot of lay-offs when there’s not a big project. If their specialty was rollercoasters, there may not have been a need for them. Also, they could’ve just wanted to move onto more intense rides that didn’t fit into Disney’s “family-friendly” theme parks, and chose to move to Universal Studios.


That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. :laugh: I don’t think that’s how “Imagineering” works, if people left or got fired I have no idea but to be fired for their creations “getting overboard” just sounds like an oxymoron.


I thought the same thing when a couple sitting next to us on sunrise safari said this. They seemed to know a lot about Disney, are DVC owners TWICE and I don’t know…I thought it was very strange so I figured I would ask the experts here.


Well I personally think their story was as credible as the elephant poop ya’ll were lookin’ at. :laugh: Who knows, sounds crazy, like LittleMissMagic mentioned I HAVE heard about random Imagineering layoffs but never for being “too overboard,” etc.


Remember Imagineers are different from the Engineers who make the magic work. So it matters not what the ‘concept’ is, it falls to the group who make it real.


I’m thinking their ideas have to be approved…they don’t just think of an attraction and make it, so the idea that they got fired for “scary” attractions is pretty insane. these “women” know nothing.


There was a show on Travel Channel just last weekend about WDW. In it, they said that originally, there was to be a land in AK about mythic creatures. Eventually, the project was cut, and the Imagineers on that project left Disney – only to end up at Universal Studios. Their award-winning racing double dragons rollercoaster was created by some of those ex-Imagineers.

So…I wouldn’t be surprised if it was indeed true.