Is Tony's Town Square good?


I made PS (or whatever they are) for lunch there one day during our trip (*next week, yeah!) - just wanted some feedback before we go as to what’s good and if it is even a good place to go. Thought my DD’s (almost 5 & almost 3) would like the “Lady and Tramp rest.” - we usually plan for counter service as they don’t like to sit still that long anyway, and at Disney, I’m sure it’ll be crazy getting them to sit for a while. Thanks for any feedback!


Sorry for double post - not sure what happened there! LOL


I found it ok. A bit pricy for standard fare. I’d stick to classic dishes, and try to sit under the galss.


Reviews of this place have kept us from trying it, but I know some MBuzzer’s love it (Erin in particular.).


Yeah, what Cavey said.

But since I’ve heard such glowing reviews lately, I made an ADR for my December trip.

Let us know how you like it!

I think everyone should do FOOD REPORTS upon returning from WDW.


we ate there over labor day. i thought the food was good, but i wouldn’t make it a point to go back. there was a limited menu, and the quantity of food is less than compared to other places…


I really like Tony’s. We’ve had lunch there the last 2 trips.


I love Tony’s even though I went for dinner, so the menu might be a bit different.If it is there, I recommend the calimari (Spelling!!!).


I think it’s a good, not great place. The food is tasty it’s just not as good as you’ll get at Portabello Yacht Club or Alfredo’s (the other Italian restaurants at WDW), but you also won’t pay as much there. The Lady and The Tramp themeing is what makes the place fun to go to IMHO>


We recently had dinner at Tonys a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. We were on the dining plan so we had appetizers, entrees and desserts. Heres a quick review of what we had and check out my other posts in MNSSHP & My 1st TR thread for some photos of our meal. Hope this helps…

Calamari=so so
Eggplant Rotini=Really Good
Lemon Walnut Cake=Yummy
Cheesecake=Really Good


thanks! that is a huge help!!


That’s my girl… we have eaten at Tony’s twice, each time I have been to WDW. I do enjoy the food.


is the lunch menu very different from the dinner one?


The last time we ate at Tony’s was for breakfast in 1996. :eek: That was a fun stuff stop first thing in the AM and we miss it now.

We are booked for dinner prior to the Pirates/Princess party in January. It wasn’t our first choice, but we are willing to give it a go. We hope to read some good reports soon.


what is the pirates/ princess party? is that similar to MNSSHP and MVMCP?



:huh: Tony’s Town Square:huh: where is that?! I have obviously been sleeping again…I have no idea what you guys are talking about! :laugh:


It is right when you walk in MK on the right. (why does this sentence look funny)…sorry, long day.:blink: :huh:


No problem I know the feeling! :laugh: Thanks Maria I never realised it was there!