Is two and one half hours enough time?


For those of you with experience, ive a fantasmic dinner ressie at 3:55 and our flight arrives at 1:35. Do I have enough time if we are using magical express? Should I try To Rebook dinner, as this was the last time available.


You are seriously going to be pushing it to get there on time. I would try to reschedule it. who wants to start their vacation rushing and getting stressed to be some where on time?


I think you’re cutting it pretty fine too. If you can push the dinner ressie back I would. Alot could happen between landing and arriving in good time for dinner.


You’re cutting it very very close.
Any delay anywhere and you’re done for.


How bad is it to be late for an ADR? Are you automatically canceled if you are not there on time? It is next available, they are not holding your table open, correct?


I would have thought if you weren’t there in time they’d let the reservation go and give the table to someone else? Unless you could call ahead and say you were going to be delayed. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it- too much rushing.


Actually, it does sound like you’re cutting it close. If there’s the slightest delay in your flight, etc., it could be to late.


You used to have to leave a credit card deposit for the Fantasmic! package. If that is the case, and they don’t make it, they will be charged for not showing up or canceling within the specific time frame they set and I think that is 24 hours.

I highly suggest you not only call and find out the exact policies for this if you don’t make it and I really honeslty think you should try to do it on another day.


We had a delay on one of our trips, we were late for our reservations, ( not the Fantasmic Show) when we reached the restaurant, they were very understanding and sat us at the next available table. But I agree with Dana, you should make sure if there is a delay what the penalty would be.


I don’t see how you would make it even if your flight was on time. . .you’ve got to unload, wait for magical express, drive to your hotel (that alone takes a good 40 minutes), check in, and then get a bus to Hollywood Studios, and then get into the restaurant, all within 2 hours. I just don’t see how it will happen. Sorry. I would call and see how it works for them. I know its been difficult to get Fantasmic reservations.

good luck!


Definitely change your res! Nothing worse than starting out a vacation stressed. Any delays along the way before dinner, even if you make it, will not put you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the trip.


I would try and change it to later if you can. It would seriously cut it close. If there isn’t anything later available, I recommend to continue checking every day because things can open up. I just rebooked our fantasmic ressie because ours was too early. I checked back everyday and eventually something became available. Good luck!


You don’t actually make a deposit (meaning they don’t charge anything to your card at the time of booking), but you do have to provide a credit card number in order to book the Fantasmic! package. If you don’t show up, they will charge the card, so as others have said, I really think you need to cancel that one and re-book for later or another day. Keep checking back, there are always cancellations.


ok moment of stupid here what is a fantasmic package?


Hope that helps Faerie dust:heart:

Fantasmic! Meal Packages | Dining & Restaurants | Walt Disney World Resort


[QUOTE=dixie;1077364]Hope that helps Faerie dust:heart:

Fantasmic! Meal Packages | Dining & Restaurants | Walt Disney World Resort[/QUOTE]
thank you…


Thanks for the replys! I will try to rebook for a later time if possible hoping for a cancellation!