Is WL worth 2K?!?!


OK, originally when we booked our Sept. trip, we decided to stay at WL & use the AP discount, thinking we won’t be back for a few years, so why not spend a little more…
Well, now with the free dining package, staying at WL compared to staying at POP for 10 days is about a $2000 difference!!!
So, I ask you, is it worth it???
Taking into consideration we’ve never stayed anywhere else but POP, we already have ADR’s at Whispering Canyon for 2 or 3 times, bigger pool W/ a slide, Electric water parade, renting those little boats & bikes, going to Ft. Wilderness for the campfire & outdoor movie, plus taking the boat to MK foro MNSSHP & to the Contemp. for Chef Mickey’s, is it worth an extra 2 grand?


I would say yes and no.
I am sort of in the same dilema…although it’s not a 2000 difference dillema…have you thought about choosing a moderate instead to ease the pain a little bit?


OOOPPS, I forgot to add that part…The wife wasn’t thrilled with any of the moderates. I think she thought they were too BIG, which they doo seem kinda large…


POFQ is very small …


That is true…it would dare to say it’s smaller than ASMO’s and def smaller than POP.


WL is my favorite resort, but, 2 grand is a LOT! I LOVE Port Orleans and would never hesitate to stay there again. (That’s the only moderate I’ve stayed in)


How much are you saving by not having to pay for the dining plan? If you have a net saving of $1000 I’d say it’s a no brainer. You’d only be paying an averaged $100 extra per night. There is a pamper factor at the deluxe resorts. They just feel nicer. I’ve already said elsewhere that the deluxe resorts have only one bus stop, right off the lobby, so you spend that much less time riding around the parking lot until it gets to your stop. If for whatever reason, you can’t get around worrying about spending $2000 extra, then don’t, but if you’re in any way able to handle it, I’d stay at WL.
Hope this helps.


When we figured it out, eating for the 10 days & the WL woods view, since no standard views were available, with the AP pass ends up being about the same as we’re paying for the package. Plus I’ve already paid off the 10 day package, I just want to feel that I’m getting my $$$ worth.


If you’re revenue neutral, that is, if you really aren’t going to have to pull too much out of your pocket, and it’s already paid for, there’s really no reason not to. You will be getting your money’s worth. Remember, you will also get AP discounts on bike rental, boat rental, and 10% discount on food that you do pay for at “listed” locations. All that info is available to you from the Disney AP site, and probably All Ears, Our Laughing Place, and the DIS.
By the way, we stayed in 5163 (I think). It lookes north. From that balcony, and those near it, you have through tree views of the Contemporary, the monorail, the Castle, and Bay Lake. I’ll attach a (rather bad) picture so you can see. Now remember, you won’t see this from your moderate or value.


To answer the question at hand… yes, it’s worth it.


I don’t think it’s worth 2,000 extra. Just my opinion. That’s a lot of money. I would go to a moderate like POFQ to try a step up from POP, but not go full deluxe. You will find with the AP discount, that POFQ is VERY affordable. Any of the moderates are,. It’s the same price as staying at the value in regular season.


I respectfully disagree with Wish (and her deformed animal avatar that is freaking me out and making me think of the Kurt Russel remake of the “The Thing” :eek: ).

Unless you are rolling in the dough (where $2,000 is pocket change) or plan on spending a lot of time in your room save the money and put it towards your next trip.


I’m in the Cavey camp here (don’t tell anyone though). I think $2000 is a lot of extra money just to stay in the WL. Personally, I think the best part of the WL is the lobby and you don’t have to stay there to enjoy it.

I was rather underwhelmed by the room itself. It was small and rather rustic looking. Cute, but hardly worth that kind of money. We stayed there once and only with a signifigant AP discount.


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I love WL, it is my favorite resort but $2,000 is a lot of money. We have stayed at deluxe resorts for our last few trips and they are very nice but I don’t know that they are $2,000 nice. The money you save switching to a moderate resort is a great start toward your next trip.


Decisions, decisions…We only planned on staying at the hotel 1 day, & we were going to rent the boats/bikes & swim, which you can do @ POFQ. The difference between WL & POFQ is about $1200, so ruling out the value resorts, which seemed PACKED last time they offered the free meal plan deal, it now becomes is WL worth the extra $1200!! Oh man, I’m trying to talk myself into staying at WL, at the same time can’t get over spending that much, especially when you look at the price of airfare right now!!


One way to think of it is that with the discount you’re staying at a luxury for probably less than the full price of a moderate. WL and AKL are know as the “deluxe” moderates or the “moderate” luxury hotels anyway.


Maybe the $1200 could buy you your next APs! As much as I dream of staying at a delux, I can’t see paying the extra $. Besides, we hardly spend any time at the resort!


I have to vote for the POP!!! 2000 extra could buy you an extra vacation! I would rather go twice then stay at WL. I mean it would be nice, but I go to DW for DW and not the hotel. Go an extra time and have fun!!! But I mean that’s only my opinion