Island Treasure Hunt


I understand that DW offers an Island of the Carribean Treasure Hunt for kids ages 4-10 on Sunday & Tuesday mornings. Has anyone done this or have any feedback? Can a parent go along with them? Like I said in another post, I’m trying to find some more “boy” friendly things for my son this year~ he’s been such a good sport with all the Princess things he endures with 2 sisters! :pirate:


We stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort this year and they offered the cruise 2 or 3 mornings a week for ages 4-10 or 4-12 if I remember correctly. Parents were not allowed on board, however there were two pirate leaders that stayed with the children throughout the cruise. While we did not participate this year, I did see a few outings and I was most impressed at how well they looked after the kids and how much the kids seemed to be enjoying it. I am a crazy over-cautious parent (says DH) when it comes to letting the kids explore without me around, however, I would definately consider allowing DS6 and DD4 to participate next year. I was quite impressed by it.
There are a number of other resorts that do the cruise as well. CBR obviously stays within the resort waters, however, some other cruises go further from the resorts along the water-way to DTD.