Isn't Airfare Just Ridiculous?!?!?


I am almost appalled at how much airfare is going for right now. We are going to Disney in September. Last year I paid a total of $169 round trip per person. For that same exact flight this year…$426 !!! This is just ridiculous. I keep searching and searching. At some point, you usually would find a great deal, even if its not in your time frame, but with this searching, I haven’t found one great deal yet. Southwest even seems a little sneaky. When you view their price calendar for the whole month, you will see $89 for a Wednesday, but when you actually look at all your choices on that Wednesday, its either a flight with two stops, or the very last flight arriving in Florida, taking the whole day of parks away from you! The rest of the choices are over $200 one way. Ughhhhh! Very frustrated right now.


I hate thinking about the airfare game, and I don’t even fly to WDW… I drive.


Yes, I’m very jealous of your location, but I tell you, everytime we drive to Disney I remind myself how thankful I am not to have to deal with Atlanta highways everyday. I would need to go to Disney every weekend to get away from that stress!


It is insanity.


agreed, but I am used to it by now… plus, I know when not to be in it, too…


I’ve been watching flights like a hawk and it paid off on Wednesday! I got $99 going down and $150 coming back, which is THE cheapest I’ve found since looking in January! Last time was $99 each way but I just jumped anyhow…Checked the same flights today and they went up $30-40…My suggestion is to check mid-week!


Best we could do for times and dates we wanted was $530 (so paid $2120)…guess since it’s Southwest at least we’ll save on baggage AND prices have only gotten worse since I bought the tickets last month…last check was up to $610…oh well.


I feel your pain. THe same direct flights I would take from Savannah, GA, or CHarleston, SC, used to be $227 round trip if booked 21 days out. Those same flights are now $450. DF is flying down for youngest DD’s college graduation and is paying $525. Totally crazy.


Airfare is insane…I acutally looked at it for my trip and almost choked. Even with the inflated gas prices and time to travel, it’s more cost effective for just me and my DD to fly. I can’t imagine the savings for a family bigger than my tiny one.


I was super stressed out over the prices for flights back in April but assumed the price was so high because we were flying on school vacation just before Easter. I’ve been looking for October flights now and the flights I want at end of October are $304 per person. Last year we paid $189 per person to fly at almost the exact same time! I am trying to decide how long to wait before pouncing on the $304. We have some $$$ in our JetBlue travel bank from our April flights going down a bit so that helps with the sting.


Airtran out of Bloomington has some ok prices right now. During the middle of the week the airfare is $97 each way, plus $20 for luggage. There is no parking charge at the airport so this helps offset the cost of luggage.


I forgot about Bloomington. Just checked, much better prices as round trip would be $270 but…there are no non stop flights. Not a good flyer as it is, so wouldn’t do a lay over, taking up to 6 hours for a normal 2.5 hour flight. Will keep looking.


I too have been watching airfare for October and the flights are outrageous. I keep checking everyday.


I looked into airfare for us a family of 4 from both, St. Louis and Evansville airports and I was looking at least around $1600 to fly down in Oct. I will take the gas sting and drive as usual. I have it figured up at even $4.00 a gallon for gas it will take about $600 for the whole trip and the 14.5hours each way to drive it.


We booked our airfare for Jan 2012 four months ago right before the gas gouging and am so thankful. Absolutely ridiculous! When we decided to go in august we were having the same issue as everyone else so we resorted to using our FF miles. Be sure you look at fares on Tuesdays when the low fares are typically published.


We jus canceled out trip to visit our daughter in Chile. The airfare jumped up to over $1,750 per person. I told DW I would send her if she wanted to go, but with the work we have to do on the house I just can’t justify it.

I do hope things return to “normal” at some point, this is really sad for working people who just want a week away from all the stress.



We booked our flight over a month ago. We paid around $350 per ticket. I told my husband not to look at prices again once we had booked because he gets depressed if they go down, but he did anyway and they momentarily dipped a bit last month. I just feel so uneasy until they are booked, so am glad we’ve got them now.


and this is why we now that the time and drive down. Hope the prices go down some for you all that have to fly…not fun!


We are missing our trip to the USA this year. However, looking at the long haul flights I am wondering for how much longer we could realistically afford to come anyway. Airlines like Virgin Atlantic at peak times (aka school holidays) can charge up to $2000 per person- which is just outrageous- given their restricted luggage allowance, and their surly untidy unprofessional staff! However, the alternatives are not much better. British Airways is very expensive and unreliable (strikes) and the others usually fly from the London airports adding additional costs to the flights for us out of towners.

There has to be a ceiling put on aviation prices surely? The costs can not keep spiralling like this. The outcome eventually will be that aviation will return to its roots and only the wealthy will be able to afford the luxury of flight-


Tampa International Airport (TIA) is about an hour and 10 minutes away from WDW. So you may want to check out flights into TIA as well (plus factor in the cost of a short term rental car, unless you were planning on having a car as well)… You never know!

Also, this article came out in the NY Times yesterday… You have to do a little research, but there are some interesting suggestions: