Isn't having DVC nice?


We are leaving in about 10 hrs for airport. DD drove down and was staying offsite one night. She had plans on going to MK tonight and AK for EMHs…oh wait, we can’t do that because we aren’t staying onsite. I told her call MS, got a 1 bedroom standard at AKL for 22 points at 4:30 pm for tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll be down and we’ll all move to a 2 bedroom savanna for 6 nights.

4yr. old DGD was disappointed the fridge was empty. :laugh::laugh:


If I remember correctly you’re staying at Kidani Village? You’re going to really like it. We had room #7642. Long walk from the lobby, but we had animals just about all day long outside our room. Bus stop is close too. Enjoy.


Yes, we adored our 2 bedroom villa in Kidani and we didn’t even have a savanna view. Having that extra bathroom was fantastic and everyone loved coming home at the end of the day - it felt so restful and relaxing!


Enjoy have a great time


Have a great time. Having the extra bathroom is a great thing.


We had a studio so only one bathroom for us, which was fine for the two of us, but you’re right. It was nice coming home every day.


I agree, we love our DVC. Love hearing “Welcome Home”!


Have a magical time!!