Isn't it scary to think


Isn’t it scary to think that at one point we were scattered all over the country (even world) planning our WDW and DL trips without having a place to come together and talk about it and plan? How in the world did we do it? I am so appreciative of the knowledge I’ve gained here and it is SO hard to believe I’ve been so Disney obsessed my whole life and was able to get along without DisneyCentral!!!


Very well said Wish. I feel the same way. I know it sounds like a TV commercial, but I’ve tried other Disney groups and nothing satisfies like DC!!

Thanks Mickey and all the mods for keeping this awesome sight going. I admit it, I’m addicted.

And Wish, you’re quickly becoming one of my favorites. You may soon have an honorary place in my signature!


No question, it’s great to connect with people who feel the same way we do about Disney. Having a great time getting to know all of you.


I shudder at the thought!!!

Seriously - I always thought I was the only person who was obsessed…until I came here. My obsession really only ranks a 6 or 7 compared to some of the people here!


I’ve been on the board long enough to watch people come and go…so many wonderful people have made this the place it is…and it all started with a mouse…well I don’t know if mickey is really a mouse but he did a good thing by creating this little patch on the internet.


Yep…DC’s a great place! I know it holds a special place in my heart :wub:


I think the sam thing Wish. Before I joined the DC my I was alot more productive at work. Now I don’t know how I would live without it. It helps the time go by at work.


Oh my gosh! Me too! I thought I was a loon and all of my friends and family did to! Now I am with people who understand me! :tongue:


Oooo, that will be my first.


You’re not a loon? J/K :wink:


Right back at ya Pepperjack! :tongue:


I agree, DC is a great place! This is the very first Disney forum I joined. I left for a while after my dad died, but I found my way back. It feels so good to be a member of a site where EVERYONE understands you!!! :wub:


Yup, I had the same problem, actually I still have that problem: People think that I am looney. Maybe it’s not just my obsession with Disney??? :pinch:


awww t-tear it’s sooooo true, you guys really “get” me here.
I love DC and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people here! It’s literally like gaining a family all over the world. So great to have found this place :slight_smile:


I was not Disney obessed until after my first trip. Who knew what fun it would be. :wub:


I can’t even think about the first trip I took before I found this place. I knew NOTHING!!!


ME TOO! I am so happy to be here with all of you!

People think I am looney but it IS because of my obsession with WDW and Mickey Mouse. I walked into work the other day and someone says I should have known - she even has a Mickey coat. Well, I have several coats and ALL but one has Mickey on it.

We have been getting a lot of Disney items in at my store and our employees will open something new and just take it to the office and put one on my desk! :smile: (They are well trained :laugh: LOL) :mickey:


i am very grateful to have DC in my life. DC has really helped us with 4 out of 5 of our trips. we’ve had more and more fun with the help of everyone here and i’m grateful for that. i love coming here to help people with questions or post disney news or find out anything disney related. it’s a real treat coming here. thanks DC!!!


We have learnt so much in the past 10 months that will make our trip so much better! It will also make our future trips great! What more can anyone say, DC is the best and so are everyone one it! :biggrin:


You’ve been here only 10 months? I am flabberghasted, Missy H. I thought you were here longer than I have been. go figure :heart: