ISP (Long Island) or EWR (New Jersey)?


Due to crazy airfare costs in the RI / Boston area, I am going to leave from Islip on Southwest or EWR Continental. 3 or 4 hour drive but I save $$$$.
My question is how is getting to either one or leaving? I depart on 4/16 (Friday) return 4/24 (Sat). Anyone have any insight to these airports?



Grew up less than 20 minutes from Newark and now fly in there regularly on business. I exclusively use Continental’s direct flights from Charleston,SC or Savannah, GA to EWR.

Continental has it’s own section of the terminal and lots of direct flights to Orlando. I have read other MB’rs who use EWR because of the direct flights. And my DW has flown into EWR and driven to RI to spend time w/ her parents (cheaper and quicker with changes).

Can’t speak for ISP, but EWR is great. Have you looked into Laguardia?
Also look into renting a vehicle to save parking $$$ depending on your trip legnth.


The only thing with Continental is baggage fees add $200 round trip. I was planning on long term parking instead of rental but will check prices. You mentioned White Plains Jetblue to me in another post. Closer but fare was higher, I would have done that though.


Mail a package down to the hotel ahead of your arrival. They will hold it for your arrival if you are staying onsite. If offsite call your hotel. You can ship a ton of clothes for $200.00. And you don’t have to lug all that stuff with you. Basic overnight bags w/ basic toiletries in the overhead compartments and off you go. Much easier.


OK, here 's the deal on EWR. It is very convenient, with the only difficulty is the line for security is pretty long in the early morning – say 6 o’clock thorugh 8:30 or so… After that, you sail right through. It has very good parking and a lot of flights to MCO.

Getting to and around LI can be, well, a word I don’t like to use here. I have never used Islip, but I do know that Southwest is now operating out of LaGuardia, though I believe there are no direct flights to MCO from there.

*** Also check out White Plains/Westchester, which would be such an easy drive for you! Here is the site – maybe it has something that would work for you. I have heard nothing but good things about how easy it is to use this airport!
Westchester County Airport, Airlines, Arrivals, Departures, Delays


We always fly out of EWR first flight out to MCO on Jetblue. We never pay more than $200 rt. We also use Skypark to park the car…pay online it’s cheaper.


Thanks for the input.I would like to fly from White Plains but Jetblue is high. Islip on Southwest , no baggage fees, Continental EWR adds $200. All are better than RI rates as this is School vacation week in RI & MA. I have to pick one soon though!


Looks like Jetblue from EWR is where we will leave from. I am going to get in the night before and do a Stay/Park/Fly Deal.About $150 for 1 night stay and up to 10 days parking included.The 4 r/t tickets on Jetblue cost $1158 from EWR. I wanted to tryto leave from HPN White Plains but talso too high. Better than $2500-$4000 from here!!!

Can anyone recommend a hotel near the airport?



[QUOTE=XQIXX;1018933]Can anyone recommend a hotel near the airport?

Check the ‘Newark Liberty Airport’ web site. They have all of the better ““SAFE”” hotels listed. There are a few flea bag hotels around the airport. It also lists which hotels offer a shuttle to EWR.


Thanks Rich. Your trip is getting close! Have a great time!!


Choice #1: Marriott directly in the middle of Newark Airport.
Choice #2: Sheraton at Newark Airport.



Thanks. It is getting close.

If it was me I would go with one of Miss Disney’s selections if they are part of the stay/park/fly package you have. If not the web site should help steer you.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;1019016]Choice #1: Marriott directly in the middle of Newark Airport.
Choice #2: Sheraton at Newark Airport.


Thanks, I will check them out and see if they do a stay park fly deal.