It bit DH...that pesky Disney Magic


Although DH came up with the idea for this spontaneous February trip, he hasn’t seemed too enthused since I booked and paid for it.

However, that all changed when our DME tags arrived today. :happy:

Moments later we were in the car on our way to the mall -we had to get Disney Dollars and a 2008 Passporter of course! :laugh:



As time grows closer DH will start getting excited. The reality hasn’t set in yet.


He still has 17 days to get even more excited. Don’t worry, it’s coming!


Awesome, it’s just around the corner!!!


Awesome, enjoy the pre-Disney trip magic… that’s part of the whole experience ya know! I CANNOT wait to hear all about this trip, I know you’ve waited too looooong to go back!

Did you post all your plans somewhere, how did I miss that?


I am so jealous that you are heading off to Walt Disney World.

You’re gonna have a blast!

Glad everyone is on board now with the idea!

In my best Bobby DeNiro voice:


Enthusiasm… :pirate:


Love it! My DH is the same - needs that physical proof to get excited :slight_smile:


Hooray!!! It’s always more fun when everyone is excited!


No worries, you haven’t missed anything…I didn’t post any of my plans because…well, I haven’t really made any! :laugh:

Believe me, it’s been torture not sitting down and planning every detail, but that was kind of one of the things I promised DH in exchange for the trip - he was afraid of me being a rigid Park Commando (why on earth would he ever think that? :blush:), so we agreed not to make solid plans and just go with the flow.


Yay!!! Now it’s real for him so he can get excited! Maybe he’ll ask you to make one or two ADR’s now:whistling