It finally feels close - Yippeee


We got the ME tags last week and now our package info in the mail. This is the point were it finally feels like vacation is coming.

Now it comes to all the lists and setting stuff aside to pack. This time is a little tricky with packing because I have to do it in secret. They kids have no idea we are going. I have all DH and both DD"S clothes all bought and set aside. I am weird, I always like new outfits for them for a trip. Like them all new and polished you see. Now the big problem, what will I wear??? How can someone who owns a clothing business have nothing to wear? I always feel like I am forgetting something.

Anyway, I am excited that we are so close and I am nearly jumping out of my skin in anticipation of surprising the kids.


Keep us updated on the surprise!!!


I was just the same!:biggrin: Although I include myself in it. I always tell myself - "you have lots; you don’t need anything new - but every time - I go out and buy something new - it just feels “right” to have nice, new clothes for a trip to the World. Go buy yourself something nice - there are still some good sales out there. Got a Ralph Lauren shirt - $125 for $25 the other day and - yes - I will be taking it with me.


That is so exciting!! Hope the next few weeks go fast for you!! Happy packing!


4 - T days for us.

I’m kinda excited …


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1090126]4 - T days for us.

I’m kinda excited …[/QUOTE]

Only kinda?:confused:

Make sure the tutu is fresh from the cleaners. You don’t want to disappoint your adoring fans.:wink:


I felt the same way when I got my tags and my packet. I’m really psyched to be so close to going, and picking up the last couple of things I want to have for my trip. I can’t wait!:laugh:


We just got our tags too. I am so excited for this trip.