IT IS FINALLY HERE! (well in 23 hours)


We leave tomorrow at NOON! So excited! I’m working half a day tomorrow and I know I won’t be on here tomorrow so I just wanted to say bye! I’ll be back June 17. Maybe I’ll finish this TR this time.


Yay—I’m jealous!! Enjoy your trip.


Have a wonderful time- looking forward to hearing all- enjoy!


Happy trails to youououou~~until you will be back :laugh:


Happy Disney Eve to you!!! Have a magical trip!


I’m looking forward what you like best at AKL. We love it there.


Hope you have a magical time!


What time should I be at exit 33 on I-95 to be picked up? I’ll be the one with the Mickey Ears on and a Disney backpack holding my clothes.


Are you willing to ride in garnet car with Gamecock stickers on it?


Have a great time! :happy: We go in just over two weeks and I don’t think I can get anymore excited! :laugh:


Make sure you take a lot of pictures and have a really great time!



This Tiger promises to keep his claws wrapped up tightly in 2 sets of Mickey hands if you’re willing to swing by. :laugh: I’ll even throw in no chicken dinners the whole trip.


Have fun! Ill see you there; we leave on Saturday!