It is official: Ticket Prices are going up


Read about it in todays paper. The one day tickets are going up about $4. Other passes are also going up.


$4 isn’t so bad I guess. When was the last time they changed the prices in the tickets? It’s been awhile actually…


gatour, do you have a link to the article? Or, what in which paper did you read this? (I can look up the link.)


$4 is not a bad increase at all for WDW, if you look on the Orlando Sentinel website you’ll see the article on the first page. I’d pay more for Disney anyday than Universal or SeaWorld.


Bradintx, thanks for the info. If others would like to read the actual article, here’s the link: Going to Disney World? You’ll need at least $75 –


I am happy they gave at least one day’s warning to the public. You wanna bet there will be a purchasing rush today? LOL

(I bought mine Thursday :redface:)


By the way, folks, I compared today’s adult price (listed at Undercover Tourist) to tomorrow’s price (listed on Mary Waring’s site) and, as you can see, it is a significant increase.

10-Day Magic Your Way Ticket w/Park Hopper & Water Park Fun & More w/ No Expiration 10+0+ $ 585.75 (Price increase)

Park Hopper + Water Park Fun & More (Fun Visits) (10 day) - No ExpirationSAVE $56 off gate price $ 475.95

I think (figured quickly!) this amounts to a 19% increase for this ticket.

I am particularly interested in the increase announced because I am going back to WDW in 10 days. So, of course, if I am able to save $ by purchasing my ticket today vs. when I arrive in WDW, I think I’d be better off doing so.:smile:

Thanks for the heads up!


Glad my 10 day PH was included in my package (along with my free dining).


In today’s climate, that is to be expected really. $4 is nothing though really. With the way things are at present it could have been a lot worse huh?


In the grand scheme of things, $4 is not bad. I’m just glad that my APs are good through March of 2009 :blush:. In my opinion, though, you get what you pay for.


Thanks for the link on the price increases. Our AP’s our up in October. I did not see a price increase for the AP’s, or did I just miss it?


They usually don’t increase the annual passes at the same time as they do the rest of the tickets. I think traditionally they raise the annuals in January, but I may be wrong and I do recall that they have raised them “out-of-cycle” before


This won’t effect me but $4 isn’t bad. I don’t mind how much I pay for Disney, it’s fantastic and the quality is amazing compared to other places. Disney is in a league of it’s own :happy:


Well, the $4 is only on a one day pass. Our passes (7day park hoppers) went up about $20. So that is an extra $100 for my family.


AP’s renewal went up from 434 approx to 456 approx. An increase of 22 min.


Anyone heard anything about party tickets? Are there any prince increases projected for those, or is it strictly park passes?


$4 doesn’t sound like much, but that means one day at Disney is now $75! That really eliminates the spontaneous trips for those who are vacationing in Tampa or Daytona. We were at Tampa last year and did not go to Disney because it would have cost us $213 for a single day visit. Considering that Busch Gardens cost us about $120 for two days, we opted for the later. Granted, I understand that a trip to Disney is generally more of a destination and experience and that the quality level is certainly worth the extra expense. But the single day ticket just seems a little out of wack compared to the rest of the world outside of Orlando.

I suppose Disney is no longer interested in the single day vistor though, so I guess this does make some sense. They are big enough to be selective and they do have many resorts they need to keep occupied. Now I know it’s no Disney, but I could go to Carowinds down the road a ways for about $90. In a time of economic strain and higher gas prices, the roughly $120 difference seems a little off kilter.


The price of a one day ticket really has no affect on me. The prices of the other tickets may. But I don’t think they will as I always plan way in advance for disney trips. So I have at least 6-8 months to get the trip paid for.


:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: Yep! My family too.


First time Annual Pass purchase: $499.49 Adult (10+), $440.91 Child (3-9)