It looks like things are getting brighter!


Big news! Bella has joined the world of Christmas Bonuses!! whoohoo! Last year all I got for Christmas was a crappy candle…but I found out this year I get a sizeable christmas bonus!!! And we’re going to put half of it away in our Disney Fund…which means we’ll get to go SOONER! Dave really wants to go for ESPN weekend, and I just really want to go sooner than later…so we’re hoping for March 3rd thru the 6th or 7th…so it seems as if our next trip is 90 days out!!! Whoohoo!!!

So here are my plans…it’s a very short trip, only 2, maybe 3 days in the parks (this is all depending on how Dave’s job situation looks)…and we’ll be staying at a Value…we wanted to stay at a moderate…but with a big wedding and honeymoon coming up we decided to downscale a little…we’ll maybe have one PS (only one!!! can you believe it??)…but we want to spend less time eating and more time parking…because who knows when we’ll get to go again!!
So here are my thoughts…bear with me…I am working this all out in my head as I am writing…
Should we…stay at POP again, we have had excellent experiences with POP in the past–but–we have stayed there on our last 3 trips to the world and maybe we are a ready for a little change…moving up to a moderate is out of the question…
OR should we risk ASMo again? We had an excellent experience (free upgrade!) and a not so excellent experience (smoking room that smelled like _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _…(illegal stuff–who does that at wdw really??) and we ended up moving to POP and loving it…but it’s been over 2 years since we’ve been there…another thing to think about is that it is ESPN weekend, so my guess is a lot of sports teams will be there…and the All-Stars are notorious for booking large groups…
since we’ll be there for such a short time it will be more parking than hoteling…so I guess it really dosnt matter

And here are my questions…
We will be checking in very very late (1 a.m or later) is it smarter to just leave the next day. However, it would take away a day in the park. The plan is to leave straight from work (at 5) and drive to WDW…we’re young and vibrant…we can do it…the first day will probaly be our ‘slow do everything we want to do in one park day’…we want this to be a lesuirley…

I have these stupid Visa Gift cards that expire in February and I want to use them on my trip…but they expire before we go…do you think it’s possible to book the hotel with these? I know AmEx gift cards prohibit you from using them at hotels or gas stations but I haven’t been able to find anything like that for these Visa ones…I really don’t think it would work…but then again I don’t know…maybe someone smart (MICKEY :mickey: ) would know…

Hmm…well I am sure this will change 85 times before we go…but…yeah!

Thanks guys for listening to me ramble and ramble.


Congratulations Bella!!! How exciting!! You are lucky to get a good bonus!! I don’t get a bonus per say; oh wait, I get a week and a half off paid, that is a definate bonus.

Have fun planning!!! We’ll be excited to hear details!!!


Wow, that sounds great! That is good news Bella!


Congrats on the bonus!

I’d drive after work and arrive at 1am to have the whole day. The cost of the room would be worth the extra hours in the park on a short trip. I mean, if you left the next am you’d be tired that first day because I’m betting you won’t sleep much the night before. Maybe you could cut the cost of the first night’s room by staying offsite or elsewhere on your drive that first night, then check into Pop the next day.

About those Visa thingys–can you buy the Disney World gift cards with them? That’s what I’d look into. Then you would have spending and food $$.


What wonderful news…how lucky to be going sooner then you had thought! I would call about the Visa gift cards, my mom had gotten one and had the hardest time using it at stores. Happy planning!


So what is this…“bonus”…thing you speak of? It sounds so magical. :tongue:


Yay for Bella!!!


Let me know if you find out how to buy those Gift Cards!! I want them bad but apperantly they only sell them IN the parks right now…
I would love to know how else you can get them


You are right, I’m sorry. They can only be purchased in the parks or at the resorts (I called just now and asked if you can buy them through the mail and the answer was a big N-O :sad: )

Sorry bella!


What about disney dollars? Coudln’t you go to a disney store and buy DD with them and then use them for your trip?

I think you should go back to pop. I woudln’t want to risk AS and the big groups.

Congrats on your bonus and sooner trip. I am so excited for you guys.


Yay for you! going to disney sooner is a great way to spend your bonus! It makesi t worth all the hard work!


Bella, I am soooo happy for you! That’s great news about the Christmas bonus! Feel free to ramble all you want! You know we are a captive audience! LOL!


once again I am in total agreement with dhoughton :slight_smile: your rambling is shear delight :slight_smile:


of course ya know, Tink,…it’s probably the crack!! LOL!! JK Bella!! We love your posts!


That sounds like a good idea!

Congrats to you Bella!


I think you should arrive late. Go for it!

Be careful about those disney Visas. We had on like that and it deducted 2 dollars every month after 6 months. By the time we tried to use a 10 dollar card it was almost gone even though it had not expired. You can check out your balance online. The other thing is that you can only use them for the amount they have - like if your purchase is $20 and you only have $10 on the card the reader will refuse the card. You have to get the clerk to run it through for $10 and then run your other money through for the other $10.

So, after you make sure how much is on the card, maybe one of our locals will buy the Disney card for you? You could mail it to them? Not sure if that would work but maybe you can get a volunteer.


You might be able to pay for the hotel ahead of time using the VISA gift cards. We give those out every year for Christmas too. You can even use them for online purchases. I think the only way you could pay for your hotel using the Visa gift cards, that will expire before you arrival, is to maybe have them charge you for the room ahead of time (or a down payment on the room). Like JK8 said, you would need to have them charge only the amount on the card. When I made purchase that were over my card amount, I would have the clerk charge the amount on my card, then I would pay for the rest. Have fun planning your trip! You will both have a blast.


YAY!!! Sounds like things are going great for you! Can’t wait to hear all your planning details…even if they do change 85 times…that’s what I do too… :blush:


Congratulations!!! Good for you! I would stay at POP again , since you like it. Just stick with what you know. I would stay clear of ASSports if it’s ESPN weekend (I hate it there, though!). See if anyone around here has been to ASM lately and see what they have to say, since you did have 1 good experience there so far. Have Fun!!


Thats a great idea…but what if I dont have a Disney Store anywhere me? Can I buy those from somewhere online?