It Shouldn't be THAT big of a problem, right?


I had to cancel my disney vacation planned for 8/15-8/23 with free dining and our first moderate visit and… ANYWAY! I called and cancelled and cried like a baby on the phone with the rep; god love him, he was very good about it, my weeping that is!

Here is my question… the reason that I cancelled was because I will not have all of the final payment ready and able to go by July 1 (45 days out) and probably will not have it until closer to 8/6. I know that the free dining promotion has to be booked before 8/14, so I’m good there, but they always say that rooms are limited, book early, blah blah blah… BUT, ok here it is really…

You don’t think it will be a problem to get a room/reservation/package if I wait until the beginning of August to book again? is there really any chance they will say, “Sorry BethAnn, we’re all booked up! Go somewhere else.” Is that really a possibility?

What I would like to do is keep my dining ressies (which I have not cancelled yet and was told by the nice gentleman on the phone that they will not automatically cancel with my resort reservation cancellation)… and keep saving my butt off (I’ve gotten a 3rd this-is-solely-for-vacation-money job) and book again right before I go. BUT if I wait until the 11th hour and I am denied… oh my golly, I can’t even imagine!

Thoughts? Encouragement? I’m fragile; be gentle!!


you should be fine. i’ve never booked a trip in the 180 day window and never had a problem being able to take advantage of the limited offer. since we do weekend trips i often book the day before i leave and the only issue i’ve ever had is not getting the resort i WANT. but i still got the deal…


I’ve never booked a package, but I wonder if you could book a room and turn it into a package at the last min. Rooms can be cancel about a week ahead I think.


You can cancel 5 days prior of ressies…


but I’d call back and double check if there are any penalties.

Do you have a Disney Visa? you could always book the trip on that and get 0% for 6 months.


There really are no guarantees, but you probably will be okay. Some of the resorts book up a lot quicker than others. Honestly, I would recommend waiting until late September to go because the weather will be a lot cooler and more comfortable and it won’t be as crowded because the kids will be back in school. They definitely will have room for you at a resort, but it might not be at the one of your choice, but it probably will be because with the recession less people are traveling.


Aww! I’m so sorry you had to cancel your stay! But in my opinion, of course there is no guarantees, and what might have been good for last year, might not be good for this year. It might have been slow enough in previous years to do so (like I believe) but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be that way this year. But I think you should be fine with booking later one, and just keeping your ADR’s.

But if you try and call and can’t get a stay ressie, you can just simply call the Dining Ressie Hotline and tell them that you’ll have to cancel all your ADR’s and they will do it for you with no problem and quickly!

I’m hoping it works out for you! Please let us know!


I’m so sorry that you had to cancel…that must be one of the worst feelings in the world. :crying: I hope everything works out and like Stacey said, keep us updated.

Best of luck!


Like MickeyEars said, if you have a Disney Visa card you can pay for your vacation and take 6 months to pay it off with no interest.


Thanks for the reassurance! I do not have a Disney VISA and I am not in a place to get one, so that option is out. I am pretty confident like you said that I will be able to get SOMETHING, just maybe not the resort I wanted (which by the way is Carribean Beach). :wub:

One thing that was good about the whole situation is that this was a surprise trip, in that, neither my husband or my son knew where we were going; they knew that we were going on vacation, just not to where… so they were spare, but made me feel even lonelier!! :crying:


You can always modify your reservation from room only to a package right up until 72 hours before arrival. Whether you’ll still be able to get the free dining promotion is anyone’s guess.
In fact, this is how I usually do things. I’ll book the room with a special rate a few months out and then modify it a week before we arrive. That way, I only have to pony up one night’s deposit and don’t have to come up with the balance of the package until I add the dining plan a few days before I actually check in instead of having to pay the balance 45 days out.
But I’ve only taken advantage of free dining twice because I don’t really like going to WDW for a long vacation in September or August, not when our wedding anniversary is in late October and we have celebrated in WDW for 10 years now.


[QUOTE=MickeyEars;1035568]but I’d call back and double check if there are any penalties.

Do you have a Disney Visa? you could always book the trip on that and get 0% for 6 months.[/QUOTE]
You can avoid penalties if instead of outright cancelling the reservation, you simply change your dates. This is for guests that need to cancel their reservation inside of the penalty period.
Again, this is one of the reasons for booking room only and then adding your package later as you’ll have less money tied up.


There have been several people who have booked on here a lot without 180 days notice. I cannot even imagine booking that much in advance. I’d be a basket case by the time the trip date arrived. I have booked a couple of vacations, a couple of years ago and had no problems with short dates. The moderates don’t usually get full, and there are so many hotels at Disney to choose from. I really think that you will be fine. We are headed to Disney on June 30th and although I knew I was going in Feb when we came back from our last trip. I did not get our reservations (off-property, we dared to be different this time. We are DVC members so we always stay on property) until last week (got an awesome deal!!), and we have annual passes (so no tickets to purchase), so I will only have to pay for gas and food and my 17 year-olddaughter does not do table meals with characters anymore. She is out of that phase and on to the one where shovel in the food as fast as possible to get back to riding the rides.
I really don’t think you will have a problem, but I will wish you good luck.


Well try…can’t hurt. You will have to be more flexible about resort etc, but a trip at a resort you didn’t choose is better than none. Good luck.


[QUOTE=Dana;1035738 a trip at a resort you didn’t choose is better than none. Good luck.[/QUOTE]

I agree! I have to keep that quote in mind next time things don’t go exactly as I want!

I think…if you re-book with the room only, you can always upgrade to a package within days of arriving and you should have a later full payment due date shouldn’t you?
Maybe I am crazy…just got home from work :blink: