It Was DH Worst Birthday EVER!


We were going to WDW to celebrate DH’s birthday. We would leave on Sunday but his birthday wasn’t until the following Thursday. We were so excited!

At 7:30 AM, Sunday, October 11th, DH (68), DD (37), our grandson (17) & myself (58) left for WDW. DH & myself would be staying at FW campground while DD & her son would be staying at PC.

Our other DD (34), her son (12), her dd (8) & my DD niece followed in her vehicle behind us. They, also, stayed at PC.

We arrived at our resort around 11 AM. Checked in, found our spot & unhitched our camper. We took DD & son to PC. We ate lunch there. I forget the name but it was a type of Greek Pizza. It was good. Yummm

We rode back to FW where we set up camp. Nap time. We old people like our naps!

After our nap, we rode the monorail to the Polynesian Resort. We looked around for a bit. The temperature was in the 90s! It was sooo hot, we got something to drink to cool off.

We went back to our camper where we ate leftovers. We were in bed by 9 PM. So, ends Day 1.


Oh no, worst birthday ever? :sad: I don’t like the sound of that!!

Looking forward to hearing the rest though.


Sounds like your day 1 went well


Can you just tell us the bad parts first and then tell us what did go well. I hate when things don’t go well.


Uh-oh. I hope it wasn’t too ugly.

Sounds like day 1 went well. :slight_smile:


But you guys were at WDW FW. That has got to count for something right?


DH WDW birthday had began on a good note.

Day 2. We were up at 7 AM. After bathing, DH & I cooked bacon, eggs, grits, toast & coffee for breakfast. We cleaned up by tossing nearly all our dish ware in the trash.

Cell phones are the best way to keep in touch with the rest of your party who are staying at a different resort. We met both DD’s, family & DD’s niece @ Epcot.

We rode Test Track, Soarin’ & Living with the Land (all of DH’s favorites). We watched Turtle Talk w/Crush & the Seas w/Nemo.

The high today was in the 90s. Too hot!

By 11 AM, we were touring the World Showcase for Octoberfest & sampling foods from all over the world. My favorite. The samples weren’t free. The prices ranged from $3.50 to $5.50. Most were around $4.00.

From Cork, Ireland, we had Lobster & Scallop Fisherman pie. It was the best food & well worth the money at $4.00. From Paris, France, we had Escargot Perisillade en Brioche (snails in a garlic butter pastry). We really liked it! In Marrakesh, Morrocco, DD, our GS & GD had lunch. We sampled their cubed lamb & chicken dish. It was good. (Our other DD & GS chomped on a good, ole WDW turkey leg) We ate a Boston Crab Cake w/slaw from the USA. The crab cake was good but the slaw was too tart. From Austria, we had Musheroom soup w/Chive Dumplings ($3.50). Very good. From Melbourne, Australia, we had a grilled Lamb Chop in a Red Wine Sauce. It was good. From Krawk’ow, Poland, we had 3 slices of Kielbasa & 3 Potato Pierogies w/Carmelized onion. This was the most expensive at $5.50. It was good but not worth the money. Simply because I could by a whole Kielbasa & a whole bunch of frozen Pierogies for about the same price!

I could have sampled more food from different countries but I was so stuffed to the point of nearly being miserable! I would like to do this again. lol

DH & I went back to our camper around 4 PM. He walked while I hobbled. I had worn my old sandals. Well those shoes ain’t made for WDW walking. I got blisters on both of my feet. We stopped by the Meadows Outpost where I bought white tape, bandaids & a thick pair of Mickey & Minnie Mouse socks! (I had gauze at the camper)

Nap time!

After our nap, we met the family at DHS. We rode the Great Movie Ride & rode the Nemo & Friends ride. We watched the Little Mermaid. (we sat on the front row. we won’t do that again because we could see more then we needed to see. it took some of the ‘magic’ away) We watched the Muppet Show. But something was wrong with it. It was blurry & out of focus. I thought it was just my 3D glasses but as we were leaving I heard several people complaining about it. They need to get that fixed.

DH & I were back at our camper by 10:30 & ready for bed. So ends Day 2.


I can’t jump ahead to the bad since it happened on DH birthday. But, I will tell you this, WDW CMs are the best & WDW is the greatest! Please, bear with me.


I don’t like hearing about anyone have a bad bday, let alone the worse Bday ever…and in WDW…hope the situation whatever it was, got better by the end of the trip.


and the plot thickens


Day 3. Tuesday. DD, her two children & niece who followed us down left that morning to go back home. She had to be to work the following day & the kids had school. That left DH, DD, our grandson & myself.

We had our morning coffee outside. It was a lovely morning. Back inside our camper, we fixed a breakfast of bacon, eggs, grits, cheese, toast & jelly.

After throwing away our table ware, I donned my bathing suit & we headed for the pool. It was 9 AM. Our high for the day would be a hot 93 degrees. DH lounged on a chair in the shade while I swam around. I nearly had the pool all to myself. There was a one couple & a mother with three small children there, too. One darling child mistook me for her “Grandma”. I could see why when her Grandma came out, we had on the same style & color bathing suit. Our hair was about the same, too.

I tried the spa. The water was nearly hot enough to boil an egg. Perhaps they thought the weather would be cooler. As more people came, I decided it was time to go.

Back at our camper, we gathered our bath items & clean clothes. We walked to the showers & took our baths. After dressing, we went back to our camper. DH laid down while I put bandaids, gauze & tape on my feet which really helped with the blisters.

I left DH sleeping. I caught our orange bus to the Outpost. I was on a mission to get DH birthday pin. Which they gladly gave me at check-in when I asked. I wanted everything perfect for his magical WDW birthday in just 2 days. I think I was more excited then he was. lol

Back at the camper, it was nap time for me, too.

We were up & getting ready to leave for MNSSHP. This was a first for us. We arrived at the MK by 4 PM. DD & our grandson met us there later after their dinner reservation. DH wore an orange t-shirt that read: “I don’t do costumes”. I wore an orange t-shirt with a black spider web on it & the word “WICKED”.

We supper ate at the Liberty Tavern. It was good. We had ate there before when they had Disney characters. We went to the newly renovated Hall of Presidents. It began to rain. Our ponchos was back at the camper sooo we bought new ones. Not long after I bought them, the rain stopped! We rode the Pirate of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear & watched Monsters, Inc, Laugh Factory.

It was time for the MNSSHP Parade beginning with the Headless Horseman. DH, DD, our grandson & I stayed together during the entire evening. We watched the parade, the fireworks & got loads of CANDY.

We arrived back at our camper after midnight. We fell into bed exhausted at 12:25. So ends Day 3.


Well, it sounds good so far. I’m scared to read what happened on his bday. Hopefully it was better by the end of the trip.


So far it sounds pretty good. I hope it wasn’t too bad!!! Keep it coming!


ok now, sitting on pins and needles. Waiting for day 4 and then…


Day 4. Wednesday was going to be another hot & humid day in the 90’s.

DH & myself slept in. I woke up at 8 AM. DH slept another 30 minutes. We enjoyed a breakfast of suasage patties, eggs & grits.

After dressing, we rode to the Outpost to get an area map showing the resorts. The CM was very informative. Then we rode a bus to PC to make sure we knew how to get back there from FW. So, we could pick up DD & her son on Friday. The day we were schedueled to leave for home. We stopped by the food court. :blush:

We took the bus to DTD & walked around. We ate Calamari & Raspberry tea at the Rain Forest Cafe. I really like calamari! yummmm

Back at the camper… Nap time! We took a boat to Ft. Wilderness Lodge. We explored it. We were not impressed. It has a tiny little food court. Visiting resorts is how we know if we want to stay at one or not. We don’t always take our camper. Sometimes it is nice to stay at one of the resorts. We have stayed at The Caribbean, PC, NO-Riverside, AS Movies, AS Music & FW. (I think that’s all)

We rode back to the campground. Looked at the horses. Went to the beach area. Walked down towards Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. I don’t think it exists anymore. We took our time, walking around & exploring FW.

Back at the camper, we ate a light supper while watching the world news. It was getting late.

We walked to Chip & Dale’s Sing-Along. We sang right along. Children were making smores & roasting marshmellows on two campfires. There is a chuckwagon where you can buy food & drink. There is an outdoor movie screen, too. We stayed & watched a Donald Duck cartton & the beginning of the movie: The Little Mermaid.

We walked to the boat dock where we saw the last of the WDW firework display. We would see it all tomorrow night at the MK. After the fireworks, there was a Water Parade. It was very nice.

We went to the camper & gathered up our bathing materials & clean clothes. We walked to the showers & took our baths at 10:30 PM. We were in bed by 11:30.

Tomorrow was DHs birthday. I had it all planned out. I was so excited that I didn’t get much rest that night. So ends Day 4.


Sitting on pins and needles here…


I’m sorry your DH didn’t have a good birthday but so far it sounds like a relaxing trip.


This day is going to be more difficult to write. Day 5, Thursday… DHs birthday, began just as I had planned.

We were up at 6:50 AM. Ate a breakfast of eggs, grits, sausage patties & coffee. We dressed. DH waited outside for me to finish gathering my stuff.

He had his birthday pin on… check! I had my WDW ticket… check! I had his birthday papers with his number on it for his FREE WDW birthday… check! He had his drivers license… check! We were all set. I had my hand on the camper door to go out when my cell phone rang. I thought it was one of our kids calling to wish DH a Happy Birthday. I couldn’t be more wrong.

It was our son-in-law. There had been an accident. Our 18 year old granddaughter had been killed. I hung up. I opened the camper door & through tears I told DH that we had to go home & why. I called DD. She was still at PC getting ready. I explained & told her to pack quickly. We ran over & got them.

We stopped at the FW check-in. It wasn’t easy but I explained that we had to leave a day early & why. They were very caring & helpful.

We broke camp. Hooked up our camper & headed home.

This is what happened. Hunting season was to begin on the following Saturday. She had stopped by a friend’s house on her way home from church that Wednesday night. A loaded shotgun was leaning up against a wall. She was in another room. A young man reached for the gun but lost his grip. As it began to fall, he grabbed for it. The gun went off. The load traveled through the open doorway & hit her below her left breast.

Her older cousin lived across the street & heard the commotion. He ran over. He called 911. He held her. She asked him for help. He tried to stop the bleeding. He prayed with her. She told him that she loved him. She never said anything else. She passed away after midnight on her Papa’s birthday.

Her older cousin, through tears, told us what happened. It was like we had never been to WDW. It was like everything became a blur. It still is.

The only reason I know what happened during our stay at WDW is because I keep a little journal. I write down each day’s events at the end of each day. I, always, do that wherever we go.

After a couple of weeks had passed, someone told me to call WDW. That they might not charge us for that last day since we left early. I did. I explained the situation. The CM was so kind & thoughtful. She was trying to comfort me. I was trying not to cry… just like I’m trying not to now. But, I can’t control my tears. If I don’t think about it, I am ok. But, when I talk about it… I relive it all over again.

Anyway, the CM told me that the FW CM had already credited that one day charge back to me. Before I had ever asked!! WDW’s CMs are the greatest people & WDW is the best!!



It was our son-in-law. There had been an accident. Our 18 year old granddaughter had been killed. I hung up. I opened the camper door & through tears I told DH that we had to go home & why.[/QUOTE]

I am so very sorry, your family is in my prayers.


i am so so so sorry :frown: i’m sitting here at work crying. my heart is with you and i will say prayers for your family :crying: