Itenerary for MK Help!


Tell me where we should start at MK help me plan Three Kids 7,6,4 Which direction do we go first I need a lot of Help.


I would head to fantasy land first and do all of those rides first since that area tends to get the most crowded


judyb, if there’s anyone in need of an Unofficial Guide to WDW, I think it’s you! You can probably check it out from your local library. The book has touring plans that could be really helpful, and I think just reading through the book will help you get your bearings on the whole WDW experience.


I would hit the park right at opening and go straight to Fantasyland and grab a Fastpass for either Pooh or Peter Pan then get in line for Dumbo if you want to do it because the line builds fast and moves very slow. After that make your way around Fantasyland and do as many attractions as you can before your Fastpast time. Once you can get a new Fastpass (your FP will tell you when you can get another one) grab one for the next major attraction you want to go on (Buzz, Big Thunder, Splash) and then go on your first FP attraction.

After you do all you want to do in Fantasyland move to another area of the park. Ask your grandkids what attractions they want to go on before you leave so you have an idea of what you want to do to avoid standing around trying to decide.

We send one person for FPs while the rest of the group either takes a restroom/drink break kor goes on a ride. One person can move a lot faster than your whole group.


I would also suggest getting the 2006 “Unofficial Guide” which you can also find on for around $12.

Otherwise, my suggestion would be to get there early and do all the Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown Fair attractions first. Also take advance of getting as many fast passes as possible.

Have fun planning :smile:


I also think Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World for Kids by Kids would help your kids know what attractions they want to see.


You can also go on a website called You have to pay for his ideas on where to go first…I think that it was $20. This website has a TON of information. It tells you where to start first, how to tour, what day to go to which park (and what day to avoid). We tried it this time and it was incredible- we did not stand in lines and it made our trip much more enjoyable!!! It has suggestions for how to beat the lines- and it made it so that we had free time on our trip- something that we have never had because we always did things differently. I will pay the $20 again not to have to stand in line!!!


We just got back on Sunday. My sister came from Illinois and her son and family from Wisconson. It was my nephews first trip since 1986. There girls are 12 and 8. We were in the park as soon as it opened. We rode ALL the rides in Fantasyland first, as I told them that they would be very busy later on. We only had a 5 minute wait or less. Then we went to Mickey’s Philharmagic. No wait!! From this point I took them to the haunted mansion, then straight to get FP’s for Splash Mountain. While we waited for that we went to the Country Bears. Then Splash Mountain. By then The Goofy family and BDavis family joined us and we went on the jungle cruise. After that we went and got a bite to eat at Comic Ray’s , as it is one of my favorites. (BBQ pork sandwich) After lunch we went to Mickey’s Toontown for the girls to see and sit in the chairs. From here went to ride the Walt Disnsey World Railroad. My nephews two girls had so much fun and couldn’t believe all they had done. This was my 7 trip to Disney World so I knew where things were and what to get on first. Then we hit someother places as they had to leave soon and go to Mickeys’ backyard BBQ. My sister and I went to Downtown Disney. My nephew wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, but it was closed. My girls, one went to Disney Quest and the other one to Magic Kingdom. All in all everyone had a great day. It was also very busy the whole week as it was Spring Break but we got to do a lot of things. It was my first time to ride Splash Mountain and it was GREAT!! The next day we rode Buzz Lightyear,People Mover, Carrousel of Progress. We rode other rides also. If you have a plan you can always change a few things, but no plan and I feel like you would waste time and not see and do all you could get done.


Mabye book a Crystal Palace pre-opening to get you through the gates early. Fantasyland first, then FP for the big attractions.


I can’t really add anything to what people have said. I just wanted to welcome you to Disney Central!!!


I love it very good info please continue to contribute information


You are getting some good advice above. Fantasyland is first! And Dumbo is first or forget it (I’ve seen the Dumbo line build to a 30 minute wait in the first 10 minutes of park opening!).

BUT the best advice you are going to hear is buy The Unofficial Guide to WDW and live by it’s suggestions. It saved my first WDW trip–saved us hours of standing in line and taught us tons of tricks and tips to make the experience enjoyable.


Typically, I would have said start in Adventureland. That is what we used to do. However, on this past trip DD begged us to start in Fantasyland, and boy am I glad we listened to her!! It saved us tons of time . Also, I agree with above comments DO Dumbo early ! Even on slower days that one still has a wait .


Please! Beg, borrow or steal (ok, don’t steal) the Unofficial Guide and make it your nightly reading. The more informed you are, the better time you’ll have. I don’t know if you are staying on-site, but if you are, plan your MK day for an “Early Entry” day. That will give you a “one-up” on the crowds and you can complete Fantasyland by the time of the official opening.


This would be my pick - Fantastyland first! It fills up very quickly. Peter Pan and Dumbo are the two that get the longest lines the fastest. Get to Peter Pan and get that FASTPASS then to Dumbo. Then start making your way around seeing everything on your list. Then on to Toontown, another busy place and a must to see MICKEY - my personal favorite! Then on to Tomorrowland and to BUZZ and STITCH, again get that Fastpass. Keep getting that fastpass - it is worth it! :mickey:


I’m also doing and I’ll gladly pay the $21.95 for all that info and detailed park touring guides because I’ve spoken to plenty of people that have used it and swear by it. We’re going in May and even though it won’t be that crowded, I still want to make the most of it. Since we already paid thousands, $21.95 isn’t much to make the most of the trip!


Llama is right! I’ll add that if you aren’t staying on-site, avoid any Eary Entry park like the plague. It will be the most crowded park of the day by mid-morning.


okay I bought it not sure how to use it though help me if you can


You can start by reading it. :tongue:

Okay, sorry for being a smart alec. Seriously, turn to the table of contents and glance through it. “Part One & Part Two” are essential to start with. It’ll get you started with how to best use the guide. The rest of the Guide will pertain to specific aspects of your trip.

The park sections will layout touring plans (With tear-out plans in the back).

It’s a big book, but like an encyclopedia, you don’t have to read it all. Just flip to the sections you are looking for while planning your trip.