Itin analyzation/critique, anyone?


Okay I’m starting to put together our itin. We have 8 people in our party, but I basically am planning for myself and my youngest daughter (age 5). The BF and the oldest daughter (15) can use mine as a guide and adjust accordingly. It’s just easier for them if i do it all and they “tweak” their itins to their liking :wink:

Now I’m going to do this in pieces, so if anyone is willing to help out, by all means.

[[deleted for revisions]]


I think you are the biggest park commando I have ever seen in my entire life.

I’m just about speechless…let me tell you, that is how I want my days planned out. I’ll be emailing you my wish list. (just kidding)

On a serious note - that is alot to pack in between 5-8:30. The moons would have to be aligned just right for that to work out. Your fast passes are going to have bigger windows than that between each ride, right? Maybe lines won’t be that bad…


OMG. I thought I was bad. :wink:

Looks good to me. It’s a whole lot to swallow. My Itineraries tend to be much looser than that.

I’m glad DD is getting her hair done. They really do a great job for teenagers and she’ll get lots of attention all day long.


The best place to watch the MK parades is from the balcony of the Main St. train station. However, you have to be there way ahead of time…at least an hour, and I don’t think that that much time will fit in your plan!!!


This is exactly why I wanted to come to you guys. This is just rough draft #1. This is all very loose. Of course I’ll be grabbing fastpasses as often as possible, so I don’t expect to run from ride to ride or anything. I’ve seen itins where every single ride is planned out. I’m not going THAT far…

I jut made a list of what I WANTED to do, and I’m trying to figure the best way to accomodate most/all of it since we’ll only have the one day in the park.

Okay so if this was your list, what would you suggest to adjust?


LOL That’s what I’m hoping. And like I said above, this is loose draft #1, I’m open to suggestions and whatnot to tweak it …

I’m actually kinda stoked about my older DD getting her hair done. :slight_smile:


I wanted to be a bit closer than that, get some good photos. I have some threads saved that give good secret spots I just have to scour through them


Are you ever going to sit down??
No–really…it looks good…I think it’s important to map out what you want to do exactly before you get to the parks so you dont miss anything!! I am REALLY hoping that your DD will get to wake up Tinkerbell because Ive never seen a report on DC where someone has gotten to do that and I would love it!
One more thing…remember to take lots of pictures…and take good notes…because we’ll all be expecting a great trip report!
Can’t wait to see EPCOT plans!


Oh wow way too much planning for me I just go with the flow


Wow! I’m impressed! I have to agree with Erin - that is a lot to squeeze into a few hours. You don’t want to be racing around so madly that you stop having fun. But - honestly - I’m still trying to get over the fact that you’ve already got the ziti/lasagna for your first meal!!!


ohh yummy…i missed that whole ziti part…could you come to my house and make me a tray?


Merlin is my go-to guy for planning a day at a park, so if he thinks this will work, I say “go for it!”

IF it were me, I’d skip spetromagic and use that time to walk on some rides, and try to catch it a different day…but, I’m not sure if you’ll be park hopping.

Skip Mad Tea Party and riverboat. Ride the ferry out as your leaving, that will give you a boat ride :stuck_out_tongue:

that should free up your time to do all the other rides. Have someone grab counter service/snack while waiting for Wishes? That would also save some time, and you’d definitely be able to get all those rides in.


Wow! You are an awesome planner. I hope it works out and you fit most of it in because it looks great.


Holy cow… are you sure that you don’t want to plan at splash mountain on the half second:winkL… LOL… Just messing with you.

Looks great…


LOL I’m going to put a disclaimer in there. It’s not as bad as it looks because as I said I DO have other adults to trade off with so if I want to go see something, the BF or my brother or other DD can take my youngest and go ride Small World while I go do something else.

Now I have everything listed I want to do, now it’s just a matter of mapping it out time-wise. Between the switch offs and Fastpasses, i don’t think it’s as crazy as everyone thinks it is.

The BF has said he’s getting me a digital camera for my birthday gift before we go (YAY!!!) so between mine and the one we have now, and the disposable we’re getting for the older DD, and my brother and his camera, and my friend and her digicam and the disposable HER DD will be using, I think we got photos covered :wink:

Don’t you worry, I’m a writer by blood so I will have an extensive trip report, secrets, tips, photos, you name it. :smiley:


Actually as we speak, I’m researching best places to see the parades, and one spot I found recommends that you can watch the parade from there and basically walk onto Splash Mountain afterwards with literally no wait time! Now THAT’S the kinda planning I am talkin’ about :biggrin: