Itinerary 1st Draft Let me know what you think please


So after much thought…hmmm maybe too much. Here is my first draft for our itinerary. Please let me know what you think. It is me, Dh, and Noah (4 when we go), staying at Pop. Our last day is a bust because of our flight time. We should arrive at Pop by 2:30pm on the first day.
Thanks so much :flowers:

Disney Itinerary with ADRs for Sept 18-26,2008

Thursday Sept 18 – Arrival Day- Unpack, hang out a Pop for a bit. CS for dinner, DTD maybe Earl of Sandwhich. CS Credits 3.

Friday Sept 19 – MK day and possibly LOEMH morning. Breakfast in room or on the bus. MK for rope drop. ADR at The Plaza. TS Credits 3. Leave in the early afternoon. Dinner at Pop. CS Credits 3. Dole Whips a must Snack Credits 3.

Saturday Sept 20 – Epcot day, FW for rope drop. Tour FW in the am, lunch maybe Sunshine Seasons, CS Credits 3, back to Pop in the afternoon for a rest. Epcot in the evening. ADR at Le Cellier for 5pm. TS Credits 3. Tour WS after dinner.

Sunday Sept 21 – AK day. 8am ADR Tusker House Donald’s BF Safari. TS credits 3. AK for rope drope. Open Evening. CS for dinner, 3 CS Credits.

Monday Sept 22 – TL day. Breakfast at Pop. CS Credits 3. TL for opening. Stay until early afternoon. Back to Pop for a rest, use snack credits for a quick bite. Hoop Dee Doo Revue dinner show ADR 5pm. TS Credits 6.

Tuesday Sept 23 – MK for rope drop. 8am ADR for Crystal Palace TS Credits 3. Leave MK early afternoon. Do CS in MK for lunch. Pecos Bill? CS Credits 3. More Dole Whips Snack Credits 3. Open evening….MNSSHP? Still undecided :wacko:

Wednesday Sept 24 – Studios (MGM) – 8am ADR for Hollywood and Vine for Jo Jo/Einsteins breakfast TS Credits 3. MGM for rope drop tour until early afternoon. Back to Pop. Dinner at Pop CS credits 3, head to MK for the evening.

Thursday Sept 25- Epcot for rope drop. 11:30am ADR for Garden Grill for lunch TS Credit 3. Tour epcot. Open evening. CS for dinner 3 CS credits.

Friday Sept 26- Departure day. Use some snack credits for breakfast in room. Fly home. L

TS Credits-24
CS Credits- 24


Kim - Love your ADRs… here are ours

9/19 – Le Cellier – Dinner
9/20 – Tutto’s – Dinner
9/21 – Tony’s – Dinner – our 12th anniversary
9/22 – 50 Prime Time Café - Dinner
9/23 – Yachtsman Steak House - Dinner
9/24 – 1900 Park Fare – Dinner
9/25 – Crystal Place for Breakfast (which we will pay for) & Ohana’s – Dinner
9/26 – Garden Grill for Lunch – “FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL” for Dinner
9/27 - Chef Mickey’s for breakfast (which we will pay for)


Looks like a plan to me! If at all possible do the MNSSHP, your DS will LOVE it! DD did when she was 5. We didn’t stay super late but we did everything we wanted to do. We didn’t ride any rides but we didn’t go for that. It was AWESOME!


You got all the good stuff covered! Looks great!


Looks great! Your son is going to have a wonderful time.


Your plans look GREAT!!!


Great plans and ADR’s its going to be great!


You’re plans looks yummy!!


plans look good to me - i’m jealous, but sending happy thoughts anyway! i am trying not to pout - i wanna go too!!! ok, silly tantrum over!

you’l have a great time! you should do MNSSHP - it is so fun!


Looks good to me. You have wiggle room at night should you all change your plans and decide to do something else. Plans are cool (I plan to death) but give in to spontaneous stuff too.


Both ypur plans are on the money. Enjoy!


Thanks for looking at my plans everyone. It is so nice to finally have a plan. Is it weird that I am much more excited planning the second trip than I was the first? I have been in planning glee these past couple of days.

I left most of the evenings open this time because last year I think we overplanned the evenings with TS meals and we really just wanted to do what we pleased. Plus Noah was always a bear come dinner time. Lesson learned this year. That and stronger ponchos.

I think I still have some tweaking to do. I might switch my Sat and Sun so that way we can see Illuminations Sun night after Le Cellier and sleep in a bit on Monday. Also maybe do the 2nd HDDR show.

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my plans. I really do appreciate it. 9 days till ADRs fingers crossed I get the ones I want.


You should email me see if we could meet up.