Itinerary Questions...?


Okay…my type A personality has almost finished planning our itinerary for our May trip. Yes…I know…it is subject to change…but, I had a couple of questions for those who know…!!

  1. Is AK best on Friday or Sunday?? It’s not listed as best or worst on either day on the touring plan website sooo…I’m relying on you guys!

  2. Is Epcot “okay” for Saturday if we chose not to go to Seaworld that day?

I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to insert my “non-disney” days…of which there are very few.

Thanks in advance!!!


I think Epcot is a good choice for Saturday, it’s huge, lots of wide sidewalks for people.

I really can’t help with AK, it always seems hot and packed to me no matter what day we go.


I liked AK on Saturday; the early EMH gave us a really great safari experience. We were done with the park by 1pm (and that includes a leisurely lunch) and it never felt overwhelmed with people.


Thanks!! I had heard this before…we decided to either do Epcot or Seaworld on Saturday…just can’t decide which one yet!! I want to save most of my disney days for during the week day times…!


As I said in another one of your threads, Epcot is a great choice for a weekend. As Dt said, it’s huge making even large crowds seem managable. As for AK, you should be fine on a Friday. Just hit the park as soon as it opens and ride the headliner like EE, safari and ITTBAB first.


I know…I’m awful aren’t I. I have little bits of the same thing scattered all around!! I suppose that’s indicitive of my brain function!!! HA HA

Thanks for the repeat info!!!