Itinerary - Thoughts?


I would love to get your thoughts on our itinerary for Nov. 30-Dec. 7 (5 year old daughter and me, celebrating her birthday).
Arriving Sunday (Nov. 30) at 10:30 AM, taking ME to Riverside. Assume parks will be crowded so we were just going to take boat into Downtown Disney, probably eat at Counter Service - Wolfgang Puck’s. Open to other ideas - we are on Dining Plan
Monday - MK - BBBoutique at 3, Dinner at 1900 Park Fare at 5:30
Tuesday - Donald’s Tusker House for breakfast at 10, spend morning at AK. Then off to MK for MVMCP and dinner at Crystal Palace at 5:30.
Wednesday - sleep in after late night and head to Hollywood Studios. Lunch at Brown Derby (paying cash, not using Dining Plan for lunch!), stay for Osbourne Lights.
Thursday - Epcot; Brunch at 11:20 at Akerhus, Dinner at 4:20 at Coral Reef.
Friday - Free day - dinner at Chef Mickey at 5:30. (will need more time at MK I’m sure)
Sat - Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at 10. Free day
Sun - leave for airport at 9 am
Would really like to do breakfast at CRT but can’t get in. Was thinking Monday breakfast (early); also really want to see Wilderness Lodge as I understand it is awesome at Christmas time. Any other “do not miss” for the holiday season?


Your itinerary looks great to me. As for other things to do during the holidays I can’t wait to see what other people post. I have not been during the holiday season either but I will be going for the first time for Thanksgiving this year.


Nicely planned.
You should not miss the Grand Floridian with it’s beautiful decoratations and of course that gingerbread house in the middle of the lobby.


[QUOTE=Dopey;871749]Nicely planned.
You should not miss the Grand Floridian with it’s beautiful decoratations and of course that gingerbread house in the middle of the lobby.[/QUOTE]

I’ve only seen pictures of this amazing gingerbread house. I hope it’s up and running by Thanksgiving week.:blush:


It looks good. I am also going during that time for my birthday . We are leaving the 6th that way I am home for my actual birthday.


It will be. Our usual WDW travel dates are between Nov.10th and 20th and everything is in place then :wink:


Don’t forget to leave some time to see the lights in Epcot too. There is a archway, I think it’s called “winter lights” that light up in time to Christmas music. There is also the Christmas processional at Epcot. Don’t know if your little one is up to standing in line and then sitting for an hour, but several times we have gotten a snack and just found a seat close by. You can’t see much, but you can still hear the music.

If I could, I’d plan every trip to be at the time you are going. It can be chilly (or outright cold) at night, but I think everything is so beautiful, I just love it.


Stacey, it looks great, but I have to say I don’t think I could stand to not head straight to a park on the first day. How about a quick trip to a park after DTD for some fireworks? What is your ticket situation? If you have the pass to burn, I’d make a quick trip to MK and watch form the trian station, or if you don’t want to use a pass on that day, go over to the Poly and watch form the beach! Wonderful!


Stacey -
Welcome to Mousebuzz!!!

If you are going to DtD, Wolfgang Puck’s Express is a good CS, the pizza is really good. The Earl of Sandwich was also good.

I would recommend you think about DisneyQuest at DtD for you and your DD. Her height may be an issue on a couple of the attractions (it is for my 5-yr DD), and you may want to save it for later when she is more into video games, but it can be a blast!

Prezcatz Paul


Good plans, Stacy! I have to echo everyone else and tell you to check out some of the resort’s decorations while you’re there. My favorites were the Boardwalk and the Grand Floridian.

My only rebuttle to your itinerary is…will your daughter (or yourself) get ragged out from so many days of just straight Disney? I’m 24, my parents are 61, and we try to have a day in between park days so we don’t get worn out and grouchy. :blush: :laugh: We also enjoy it more if we’re well rested. Just a thought.

Also…welcome to Mousebuzz!! We will be there the same week as you! :happy:


We did Akershaus on our last trip and had a surprisingly good time considering the bad reviews I have seen on here. The food was good but the princesses made up for the mundaness of the food. You even get your picture you take at the beginning of the night with Belle (or whoever) for free.


Recollecting a 5th Birthday trip for my DD way back in 1990. When we returned home all she talked about were the characters she met - Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and one of her favorites - Roger Rabbit. Her all time favorite though was (and still is) Cinderella. How about the Princesses Breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle? This was something we did with a family group - Grandmom, daughters, daughters-in-law, granddaughters and great-granddaughters a few years ago. An especially good time for all ages! You ADRs look great and I’m sure the BBBoutique will be a truly special treat!