It's 8:30 in the morning


On the day that Free Dining came out and the wait time to speak to an agent is 30 minutes…LOL… So I know where I’m going to be most of my morning!!! :phone: Worst of all my portable is dead!!! :blush:


Charge a rooni! Hope you get what you want… in the mean time, I would try online too… good luck.


We booked a little while back… Free Dining or not that was the only time I could get holidays this year…So now now I’m just applying that to our existing ressie… All I can say is I’m one happy camper… LOL

15 minutes into my wait… Funny one place I don’t mind waiting is Disney!!! I love their “waiting time” music!!!


I just tried to “get in line” and was told all circuits were busy! Guess I’ll try back in a little while!


Got through, was only on hold for about 7 mintues (*gasp), change my ressie and got free dining!! And hello, the $1200 drop in “balance due” column was lovely! :blink:


Well it’s all said and done!!! A relief, as I always get butterflies until I hear the words “It’s all been changed”…LOL… I guess I’m always hoping for the best but prepared for the worst… :slight_smile:


Good for those who can use this deal :happy::mickey:


Hope you got what you wanted


I called at 5pm and waited no longer than two minutes.