It's a GO!


well,I just got the ok from my brother that he would very much like to go to Disney in December.Now I can make some plans.We will go to EC on our first night.,so, this is where you all come in.We will be eating at one of the countries,but which? I have been to Canada(awsome!)but for the rest I need your input.Some suggestions would be great.Thanks!! I am so excited I am going back soon,and for Christmas,I have never seen it at that time.Also,is it to cold for some of the water rided(splash mountain,ect.)


Congratulations!! Have fun planning everything, it’s half the fun for me. There are so many great places to eat in Epcot, do you like to play it safe or try something really different?

This site has all the menus to help you decide where to eat.

Dining at Walt Disney World


i can’t wait to go to disneyworld.


Florida weather in December is all over the place. It can be warm, even as warm as 85 on Christmas Day. It can also be cold, like 32 on Christmas Day. It’s usually a dry month, but rainy days will happen, and they will be real rainy days, not summer rainy days. Now that I’ve scared you, most of the time, nights are in the 50s or 60s, days are usually upper 70s and maybe low 80s. You should pay attention to The Weather Channel Orlando 10 day forcasts starting about 2 weeks before you leave so you have an idea of what the weather looks like, and what you’re likely to have. In short, plan to go to waterparks, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t. Bring warm weather stuff, but hedge your bets with a decent jacket and jeans.


Wa-hoo!! Congrats! I love WDW in December (I’ve only been once, and just for a long weekend, but it was great). Be sure to buy your MVMCP tickets!!

As for dining in Epcot, don’t forget you also have all of those great restaurants in the Epcot resorts and on the Boardwalk to choose from!


As for weather in December, we have been twice in December, and each time have encountered crazy weather changes/swings in temperature. Just be prepared for a little bit of everything.


I :heart: Tangierine Cafe. :wub:


As for riding splash mountain, if it’s a little chilly…just throw on a poncho and ride! Can’t miss out on Splash Mountain just because it’s not 85 degrees outside! (psst…sometimes I wear my poncho when it IS 85+ outside!)


I like China. I always wanted to eat in France and Italy but never did. Mexico has an indoor resturant, i was in there but didn’t eat but it smelled good to me.


We were there last December, some days were warm, some were chilly. MVMCP was pretty cold, so go prepared for everything. I think the best investment for the trip was the downfilled quilted vests. I found them on sale, so it didn’t cost much (Kohl’s or Target, maybe even Walmart) But they were great. Gave the added warmth when needed/we wore them open when it wasn’t quite so chilly early in the evening. Great layering tool!! You’re going to LOVE WDW in December…wish we were going too, but no plans until December 2008. DMom (Trailblazer) reminds us on a regular basis that her AP will still be current in December (the rest of ours expired in May. :crying: )

The German Biergarden is fun place to eat & dance, are you going to the Candlelight Processional?? It’s beautiful!!! You can book a dinner package and get priority seating to the CP.


I have not been to the cp at epcot.How much is the cp and dinner package? Does anyone know?


Congrats, mousemom!! I’ll be there in early December! Have you picked which days you’ll be there?

The dining plan page that DisneyTeacher linked to? Browse the rest of that site ( for more info about the Candelight Processional. The princes vary, and you are limited to resturants according to these prices. (The Garden Grill at the land is on the lowest tier, while something like Le Cellier is on the highest priced tier. My family got something in the middle, and we’re eating at the Rose and Crown in UK. I heard good things about it!) This will be our first time at the CP too; as I hear it its a show with beautiful Christmas music, and a celebrity reads the Christmas story from the Bible. Get tickets soon before the pickin’s are all gone!

If you can afford it, I’d also recommend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP). It’s a hard ticket event so you need to dish out close to 40 bucks for an evening of special Christmas joy in the Magic Kingdom! (My mom and I are doing this for the first time, she’s probably more excited than I am! :laugh:) I hear they have snow on Main Street!

And I’m ditching the water rides, only cause I’m rarely in the mood to get wet anyway, and I get cold so easily!

Planning is half the fun, mousemom, hope you have a wonderful time!! Are you going with just you and your brother?


I am going with my brother,teenage daughter,sister,and niece.We will be there Dec.1-3.I will check into the Mickey thing at MK. It sounds fun.Can you or anyone tell me the times and what goes on that night.:heart:


Italy is fab to eat at in Epcot the food is just terrific! and some one told me Morroco was good too however we didnt venture there


07 is a big year for us so 2 trips to the World -Yea!! trip 21 and 22 coming soon!!!

I can’t believe you have taken that many trips. Are you considering DVC? You would be a good candidate!


If I could only plan one dinner at EC, and I had already experienced Le Cellier in Canada, I would definitely choose Biergarten.

And it may or may not be too cold for water rides.


The dinner package is a little more expensive (like $10) per person, but to be seated at the Candlelight Processional before the general admission line makes it WELL worth it. The GA line goes on FOREVER, we had the BEST seats. We ate at Germany because it’s close (the CP is near the American Pavillion) and didn’t want to cut it too close by having to walk a long distance. At the biergarden, you can always get up and do the chicken dance while waiting for dinner! (It’s a buffet, so you really don’t have to wait…just an excuse to dance)


We like Canada as well, but Teppanyaki in Japan is our favorite - what a great atmosphere! Coral Reef (Living Seas Pavillion) is great too - we’re headed to Epcot in Oct (counting the days) and plan on hitting both of these, and the hut outside Canada for a Beavertail for dessert!


I try to go at least 2 or 3 times a year.I have used my moms timeshare last in 05’,06’,and again in 07’.I try to do 1 or 2 long weekends in between.I really want to try a vey nice Delux hotel for a nice long weeken,but not sure how that works or how long it takes.I just really started liking Disney alot in the past few years.Most of my family loves it too.My husband,well, he does’nt care for it like I do,and my son,nope,can do without it.So my teenage daught and two young children really,really love it.


LeCellier is our favorite Epcot restaurant, but most of the Epcot restaurants are good too.
Like others have said, the weather in December here in FL can vary greatly, just prepare for cooler evenings and warmish days.