It's a Miracle!


So a few weeks ago while I was at DL I was shopping… (I know I’m such a girl… but how can you not right??? lol) and I found a coffee cup with Disney Princess’s which included Pocahontas!!! (And I was like: “It’s about freekin time!!!”) You never see Pocahontas ANYTHING!!! NO PINS… NADA!!! And that has always been a complaint of mine because she is a princess both her and Tiger Lily and you Never see then on any merchandise!!! Yet you see Disney chicks that aren’t at all Princess’s everywhere… such as Alice, Mulan, Belle etc. OK I’m done complaining lol!:happy:


Let’s hear it for Pocahontas!!!


Yes you’re right-I’ve never seen Pocahontas on anything-wonder why that is? Well done on managing to get something with her on!


That’s awesome, I rarely ever saw her on merchandise, glad to see Disney is reaching out and including some of the other Disney gals other than the usual 4-5.


That is great because she is a princess I agree. And Alice is not. But aren’t Mulan and Belle princesses by marriage?


Mulan I believe is not, Belle maybe - not exactly sure on that one.


Mulan is definitely not a princess. She marriedthe Emperor’s guard. Poncahontas has something to say about Belle, so I will let her explain.


If you recall in the movie they never show Belle getting married to the beast or prince… the beast just turns back into a human and thats how it ends.