It's a shame, but we'll still have a grand time


We are leaving for WDW on 12/22, and yesterday my DD9, broke her wrist. She is not in a lot of pain, but she was afraid it would cancel our trip. If anyone has gone to WDW with a child with a broken arm or wrist could you give me some advice, please? The ER doctor told me to ask for a water proof cast, but I don’t know what restrictions she may have. Thanks, Lynn


I would think she could ride everything as usual. You may want to cover the cast with plastic for water rides/pool though just in case. Your trip is still a couple weeks away so i am sure she will be used to wearing the cast by then. Good thing it wasn’t a leg.


Oh, how terrible for her, but missing DW would be worse! I agree, glad it was not a leg, and it won’t be as hot as summer, so being a kid, it shouldn’t bother her much. Hey, she may get more attention and you might get a dream! Did you think about that one?

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LOL, no I didn’t think of that. It would be something to remember, but I think my dream was that she was not seriously injured. And I didn’t even think about how lucky we were it wasn’t her leg. I guess my wish was granted in that way. Thank you Daisee, and Sue for responding, I really appreciate your time. Lynn


Sorry your DD broke her wrist. IT really shouldn’t change anything. IT’s better than a leg or ankle that’s for sure as she will be able to walk. The water proof cast will be a help with swimming and wet rides, so no issue there. Everything will still be great on the trip except she will have a broken wrist. No worries.:heart:


Going to WDW with casts is the best! Well… I’ve never broken my arm, but Clay has, and I was always envious of the character signatures on his cast (bring a Sharpie!). My dad has, too.

Definitely get a bag to put over the cast for the water rides. The shopping bags there work great. It started raining one time, and my mom ran into a store asking for a shopping bag, and they wouldn’t give her one, and then my dad came running in, holding up his cast, and the CM gave him three bags!


:ohmy: So sorry to hear about that! The end of December is not really great swimming weather, so she probably won’t miss that too badly. I’ll bet it doesn’t affect your trip at all! Enjoy.


Forever ago, I broke my left wrist while I was on tour. It was summer and we were in the deep south. Plus I needed to shower every day. Well, they didn’t give me a water proof cast. I had to put a bag over my hand whenever I’d shower and I was also able to get into pools that way too. I wasn’t able to swim, but I was able to hang at the edges and go anywhere I was able to stand. Yes, I was an adult, but by the end of the month, you and your daughter will pretty much know what you can and can’t do. I’d suggest having a small roll of duct tape around. Duct tape is waterproof and will keep the bag more watertight than not.
As for restrictions, probably the usual. Keep the arm elevated or in a sling for the first couple weeks, or when there’s more pain than usual. Don’t get it wet, or if waterproof, too wet. Remember, there’s an arm in there that won’t be able to be cleaned for 6 weeks, so try to keep the cast clean, when possible.


Sorry to hear that but I can’t see the cast effecting her but so much. As everyone mentioned just keep it dry and protected and have a blast.


Sorry to hear about your DDs wrist. I think a trip to WDW is just what she needs to feel better!