It's a Small World


Do you like it or hate it?Argue about it here.


I love it! I think it is so cute and sweet. Although I did get really sick on it when I was pregnant once, it was really hot out and when I got on it it was so cold in there and that new plastic mixed with clohrine smell, I just lost it!


We never miss it, it’s a classic.


I love it!!! There’s nothing better than watching your 5 year old light up when she’s looking at all the dolls naming the countries and singing “It’s A Small World” at the top of her lungs!!!


Love IT!!! Click here if you do too. :smile:


It was closed, so this past trip was our first time on it. We really enjoyed it and it was very fun watching ds notice everything. I actually like that it is a long ride, too.


i love it and pie


Don’t forget to vote!


I love it! Especially the GOATS!!!


I made the ‘I like the goats’ choice for all you goat-lovers, Erin!


that’s why I like you AmandaNikki!


It’s okay…I don’t make a point to visit it each trip. :pinch: I did have fun on Small World Holiday last Christmas though…


I voted Love it for my DD (6). It was her 1st favorite ride. She has graduated to thrill rides like Space Mountain…but she still loves It’s a small world!


Difficult choice…I like pie and I like IASW!


I think it’s great. We do not go on it every trip though, when we walk by if & there is no line we go on it. I think it’s cute, I’ve never really gotten sick of it. I REALLY like DL’s outside entry way but WDW’s seems longer to me.


No “I like Cheese” choice. :sad:


Awwwee…do you like cheese? :huh: :tongue:


I had to vote maybe…I really do like it, but during the holidays is the only time when I LOVE it. :heart: Does that make sense?

It makes me bob my head and grin every time I ride it, but I can kind of take it or leave it without all the “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” added in. :tongue:


I agree! I love the backdrop at DL and was so suprised to see how little the entry to WDW one was! I love the ride! It was my first favorite, and it’s great at Christmas time!


I miss the “Rain Forest” area during the Holiday version though :sad: