Its a small world


ok, I have two friends that I have helped to plan their upcoming vacations… They are going in the next month, and they are both telling me that its a small world will be closed… I have checked the official site for rehabs, and… nothing on either one. Has anybody else heard this???

By the way, they live in different states, and do not know each other,so I find it a little curious!


I’ve read that DisneyLand is closing IASW for refurb sometime in Jan. this year. Something about redoing the boats and channel because the boats hit the bottom. WDW’s IASW has already been refurbed, hasn’t it?


I hear disneyland is rehab but WDW has already done that in 2004-2005


its DL not DW that is being rehabbed


Yes I have been checking too… Snow White will be closed and a couple of other things too.