It's a wonderful day in Wishy's World of all things Disney!


So I open my mailbox at lunchtime and what falls out but 4 different envelopes from Disney. One envelope contained our Disneyland 4-day park hoppers in that adorable vintage Tink envelope, the 2nd envelope contained our cruise reservations & intinerary with a tropical Mickey postcard, the thrid was an offer from DVC, and the 4th was a new reservation conformation for our October WDW trip. Thankfully I missed seeing my actual mail carrier today because she loves to point out how delivering our obsene amount of “Disney mail” breaks her back. :laugh: This can actually be a little embarrassing when I DO have days like this & the mailbox is chockful. :pinch:

Anyway, so I am sitting back & taking this all in for a moment. :mellow:…

I feel awfully well-rounded, balanced, and zen right now because within the next 11 months I will have completed a trip to Disneyland, a trip to Walt Disney World, and a Disney eastern-caribbean cruise. It’s like the trifecta of Disney perfection. :laugh:


need someone to carry your luggage?

Just kidding- sounds like fun though!


That is a serious Disney day for you–congrats!


Good for you. I hope you have a great time


how awesome I wish I had one trip planned


I can plan one for you! :tongue: I have no problem spending other people’s money (like MissDis) :laugh: :laugh:


I wish I had the money to plan one lol


I had such a crappy day, I so wish I was in your shoes. Four letters from Disney sure would give me a nice ending to this day. Enjoy your mail Wishy.


I love getting Disney mail!! It sounds like you have a very fun year planned! Enjoy every minute of it!!


That is just awesome wishy. What an enjoyment and exciting it will all be!


Um, that happens to be the most awesome and great mail day. Ever.


Yowza!! You and Daniel are so much fun. Let me know when you’re taking applications to be your kid.


That is so great for you. Hope you have a great time on your trips!


Great news! You don’t even have to unpack between trips… just leave the bags by the door! :laugh:


That just made me think of something I read yesterday. Tiger Wood’s caddy made $1.7 million last year - I however would carry your bags for the trip alone :closedeye :closedeye


hehe, no applications being accepted yet. :laugh:


That is actually not a bad idea! Come home, wash the clothes, put back in the “default” suitcase & leave it by the door! Nice plan! :happy:


Say WHA’??? :ohmy: 1.7 MILLION… to be a caddy. WOWZA!


Are you serious? I understand a good caddy is important to the player, but $1.7 million?:ohmy: And our police force, nurses and teachers get paid what? I may be old fashion, but that doesn’t seem right to me.:glare:


Thats AWESOME Jess~ I wish I could do that as well. My DH told me I need to lay off the vacations for a while after the may one because he wants to sell the house and move… I dont know IF im willing to give Disney up yet…