It's about time!


In one of the rare instances when a fire at Walt Disney World ends up being very, very good news:

Enchanted Tiki Room: Classic Attraction Transforms This Summer Disney Parks Blog


I just read this this morning. I’m super excited to see what they do.


Yippee! We’ll be able to see it in November!!!




This is an attraction we’ve never been to, despite 4 visits to WDW. DH said he wanted to see it this next trip, so I’m glad we will be able to see the new version!


YEA!!! Very happy about the change, Iago just grates my nerves for some reason.


Oh, I can’t IMAGINE why. :rolleyes: :laugh:

I really, really hated the “Under New Management”.

Now, I just read the article quickly, but do I understand that WDW never had “Enchanted Tiki Room”? Was it just the same thing as DL and called “Tropical Serenade” or was it something different?


Seeing as how Gilbert Godfrey is now on pretty much everyones naughty list I can see them cutting Iago’s role down a whole lot! Which would not bum me out at all.

We went for the first time last trip, and since it was a hot day, it was a pleasant little diversion, but I was ready to leave when it ended. DGS will love it, I’m sure, lol.



Definately about time!


I so hope this is complete by early August when we are there!


I’m so excited about this!