It's almost here!


:blink: Only 8 more days until my cruise! :blink:


This will apparently be a “private” thread for just me…

5 more days!!!


Oh… missed it the first time…

YEAH!!! Hope you have a blast!


Bon voyage :flowers:

Who will be presenting the trip report if “pinky” and “greeny” aren’t around any longer?


Lol. Don’t knock “private” threads… :cool:

They’re lots of fun! :laugh:

Remember to take lots of pictures… :pirate:


I just know you will have a great time!


Have an amazing time! I can’t wait for your TR as we leave for our first cruise on 9/30. So I will be reading your report for tips and suggestions.


See your never along here. Have a great trip


On the water the Disney way in less than a week? Fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it…


Yeah! I’ve been acknowledged! I feel better now! :laugh:


You may just have to have to settle for pictures of me and DisneyFreak78! My mom and cousin are coming too so there may be some cameos.


Ask away…This will be my 4th Disney cruise (and I work for DCL) so I can probably answer and questions now. :blush:


Congrats. I can’t wait to hear all about it


LOL! External validation is your friend! :wub: :wub: :wub:


Exactly! Thank you 6-2-6! :wub:


I’ll be fine :dry:
How long will you be on the ship and how many days in the parks? Or is this not a Disney cruise?


We are doing the 4 night on the Disney Wonder. My mom and I will be doing the parks on the Friday after we get back.


:laugh: OMG! 3 days!:laugh:


We have planned a cruise with 2 stops on castaway cay in May 2008. We will be staying on deck 6 in cat. 11. Do you think that will be a good choice of cabins of should I upgrade?


OK, we leave for our 4 nights aboard the Wonder on the 30th.

What to do in Nassau? Is there anything worth doing just at the port without actually booking and excursion?

What about Atlantis? Is it worth it to book transportation over there or just grab a cab?

Just not sure what to do once we arrive there.