It's almost here!


Okay, I am getting so excited, I just have to stay focused to get done everything that needs to get done before we go:

12 nights, 12 days at Pop with Free Dining:
Here are a few of the highlights:

1900 Park Fare Breakfast, my son’s 11th B’day - ordered a custom UP! themed cake from the GF Bakery…hoping it will be awesome!

MNSSHP - Friday, Sept. 25, we are going as Pirates again. This will be the first time we plan on getting there around 4 instead of 7 - looking forward to this, our 3rd time!:pirate:

Day trip to Cocoa Beach, with Surf Lessons from Ron Jon’s Surf School (present for DS’s birthday, though his sister gets to participate, too.):blush:

Also, visit to Kennedy Space Flight Center - my DH went as a kid and is so excited to go back.

First Food and Wine Festival - my girlfriend and I are slipping away from kids and dads to go drink some wine!! yay!

Slipper desserts ordered for both girls, my DD12 1/2 and my friend’s DD10, at special dinner’s to celebrate their birthdays. Each kid gets their own dinner to celebrate.

Photopass - we ordered and are splitting with our friends who are coming…hopefully we will get some good family photos.

Kouzzina - can’t wait to try this new restaurant!

Ohana Breakfast - never done this, can’t wait.

Fireworks Dessert Party on our last night! (let’s hope we loved it!)

We have decided this must be our last trip for a few years, as we have other places to go, so we are going to try to take it slow and enjoy the time. I tend to get a bit harried on this long a vacation, I am going to make a conscious effort to relax and enjoy.

Okay, just had to share before I go off in a mad dash to finish some work, get my hair done and get this house in order…:wub::wub:


Wow, Sounds like a great time and some fun adventures. Take lots of pic’s for your TR


WOW looks great and lots of fun and we all look forward to tons of Pictures.
I too haven’t been to kennedy Space Center since I was a kid
If you haven’t been to MNSSHP before you will ove it


Sound like you have an amazing time planned for you and your family!!


Sounds like a great trip! Have a great time!!


12 days of Disney magic! Nothing sounds better! :slight_smile: oh yes and DO remember to relax and enjoy your trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Awesome! Don’t you just love when all the plans come together?!? Have a magical time, take lots of pics, and entertain us with a TR when you return!


Oh thanks, I knew you all would understand! I’ve got places on my calendar for notes and my daughter is the official photographer. I told her we were gonna let photopass take the posed shots and she just needed to take more candid shots. “like when we get a great dessert and we have to take a picture with it?” she’s a mousebuzzer in training, for sure!


Have a great trip and maybe I’ll run into you at Pop’s foodcourt!! We don’t get there until the 26th!! I’ll be the one with the grumpy pre-teen in the morning :laugh::laugh:


Down to the wire, can’t wait. As a last minute addition, the kids added the Pirate’s League to spruce up their look for this year. They are super psyched. Caught my daughter (12) making us signs for our POP window while she was supposed to be doing homework! I’ll check in with lots of pics when I return. Bye!


Have a great time! I’ll be eager to hear about it all but am especially interested in the side beach and Cape C trip. We’re wanting to do that when we go in Oct. 13 days… Wow!!!


Sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned!! Enjoy!! :heart:


I am so jealous, but very excited for you. I hope you can relax and enjoy it. My DH always says I run him ragged. I have trouble “relaxing” so I wish you enjoyment and relaxation:smile:


Hey did you get a discount for preordering a photopass cd? I was wondering if you do.


Yes, we only paid $99 for the photocd and split it with our friends we are going with…she hasnt been in 24 years and her DH and DD have never been!


Thanks for the well wishes, I think it’s going to be a great trip!


Enjoy your trip, you have some really fun things planned. I can’t wait to hear how you liked the Ohana breakfast.


I am excited for you… I can’t wait till Saturday when we will finally get there…

We should try to get together… PM me and I’ll send you my cell number.