Its been 15 years-any advice


My wife and I are arriving Apr7.We will be there a week.Staying at AS Music.Have ADRs at Ohana’s, Le Celler,Whispering Canyon,Wave,Cape May,Shuttles,Spoodles.We have not been in 15 years,Any advice on what we must see at the World and the parks,Breakfast options,Nightime options.We are renting a car so we can move around the property quicker. As it gets closer we can’t hardly wait


Hi and welcome to MB! first of all I love your ADR choices they are really good and I hope you have a wonderful trip- I think you’ll find theres quite alot of difference from 15 years ago and there will be plenty to see and do to fill your days.


You restaurant choices look great to me. Have a great trip.


Welcome to MB! My advice would be to stick around here and read any and all posts you can. The members here are AWESOME and really know the scoop on Disney! Don’t be shy to post any questions you may have.

Also, check out some Trip Reports, they will show you updated pictures of the parks, etc.

ENJOY, a lot of “new” magic is waiting for you! :mickey:


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My best suggestion for someone who is going on thier first trip or first trip in a few years is to take advantage of the early hours at the parks. Either utilize morning EMH or go when the park opens. Do the headliners first and take your time the rest of the day, so you enjoy the trip and still get on all the “good stuff”.


Hi welcome to MouseBuzz.

Get the Disney DVD planner.:mickey: checkout and intercot for loads of good ideas and photos of your resort, ask all you questions to the folks at MouseBuzz.:smile:
Enjoy ya trip,


There are TONS of new rides/attractions at the World!!
Here are a few

Toy Story Mania(DHS)
American Idol: The Experience(DHS)
The Living Seas With Nemo and Friends(Epcot)
Test Track(Epcot)
Mickey’s Philharmagic(MK)

And then there’s Animal Kingdom.

For fireworks:

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth(Epcot)*This show is changing, but I don’t know when!

For shows:


That’s all I can think of for now.

Enjoy you’re trip. You have some catching up to do!:slight_smile:


First welcome to here.

I would buy a book - such as the Unofficial guide and read up on all the attractions. There are so many new ones and some may be more than you bargained for.


Welcome and my advice is to read all you can as there is so much new since your last trip. Check out the Disney Web site and as stated read TR’s on this site as it can help alot :goofybounce::mickey:


Welcome to MB!!! :happy:

Your ADRs look great!

As for the parks, a free Disney Vacation DVD is a great idea.

I recommend reading up a bit. Unofficial Guide is the ultimate Disney resource. For a lighter read, Passporter is fun and colorful and also has great advice (though not nearly as thorough).

Look around here on MB for ideas of what you’d like to do and how to do it. And if you have any questions, we’d be glad to help you out!

Hope you have a magical time at WDW!!!


Welcome to MB. My advice is don’t try to do everything in one day. Take it easy and take a break in the middle of the day and go back to the hotel and swim in the pool.Then when your refreshed go back to the parks and enjoy EMH.


If you’re going without kids, get the Birnbaum Guide Walt Disney World Without Kids. If you’re looking for a fun night out, try Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk. It’s “dueling pianos” and is lots of fun.


Howdy Wizmo2, welcome to MB!

If I’ve done the math right, it looks like you will be there Easter week (4/7 - 4/14-ish) which is one of the very busiest times at WDW. With that in mind, I recommend making a small list of “must-do’s”, hitting the parks very early in the morning, taking a break in mid-day when the crowds really kick in, and heading back at night.

Personally, I’d experiment with Disney transportation versus your rental car when you head to the parks. If they have enough busses running, you might find Disney transportation is an easier and quicker option.

Definitely check out, and particularly read up on Fastpass. When the parks are crowded, Fastpass is definitely your best friend.

If you are looking for more adult nighttime options, then you will want to look at Epcot and Downtown Disney IMO.

Your ADRs look great! Let us know what you think when you get back.



Welcome to MB! Any question you have will most likely have an answer from someone.

Definitely read the Passporter or Ultimate Guide. is an awesome sight for everything WDW.

We always have a car and find that it saves us loads of time while we are there. We still use the transportation around MK if we are going to/from the resorts for ADR’s.

Breakfast options…
Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary), Cape May Cafe (YC/BC), Crystal Palace (MK), Donald’s Safari (AK), 1900 Park Fare (GF)

Night Time Ideas…

Water Pagent - You can watch it from the beaches of the MK resorts on the lake.

Boardwalk - Have dinner either at Epcot or a BW restaurant and stroll the boardwalk. There are entertainers that are fun to watch. Also, try renting a surry bike. Bet you can’t get up the hill between YC/BC and the Dolphin/Swan resorts.

Play mini golf with the coupon you receive with your package (if you booked a package). We love Winter Summerland’s course. Great theming!

Of course make sure you catch the Spectromagic parade at MK, Wishes, Illuminations and Fantasmic.

And, make sure you check out DTD with all the shops and restaurants. Cirque Du Sole (Spelling ha ha ha) is awesome too.