It's been awhile! Glad to be back!


Hi everyone!

It’s been forever since I’ve been to MB (long story…new position at work and way too much work!!). But, we have just set up a WDW trip and what better place to be to get ready for it:happy:

We are going December 15-24th to celebrate my sister graduating her doctorate in physical therapy, and I’m a little nervous about going at that time. We went in December last year, but it was early December and there were moderate crowds.

So what do you guys think? Will I be drowning in people? Any survival tips?:laugh:


Welcome back!


the only thing I see wrong is your leaving on Christmas eve YIKES thats an airport nightmare of mine …


I know…I’m worried about that. Gotta get to the airport early!


You’re bound to hit some crowded times and areas, but no where near as bad as if you were going the following week. You’ll still have a great time.


It might be a little crowded but what a wonderful time to go… The parks will be decorated and its a great way to celebrate. Have fun!