It's been so long since I've been a WDW newbie!


Dave and I are going to WDW sometime this summer with some friends of ours who have never really “done” Disney right. The husband has been a few times for day trips with his guys friends (so all thrill rides) and the wife has never been! Basically this trip is all about them (and a little bit about us) and I am trying to come up with a list of great “first timer” places to eat so they can pick and choose. She is also a vegetarian–although I believe she eats chicken–just not pork, red meat or fish–does anyone have any good vegetarian selections? I want her to be able to have more than just one choice at places we go to eat so probably a lot of buffets!:laugh:
We also won’t be on the dining plan since we will probably be renting DVC points and staying in a villa. So we probably only need 4 or 5 selections.
I was thinking a first timer HAS to do:
A character meal (probably breakfast and probably Chef Mickey’s–do they have a wide selection of veggie stuff–I looked on all ears but all I see is bacon and I go nuts.:laugh: )
A nice sit down meal (Le Cellier or something like that–I am not sure when we are going so I may not be able to make 180 day ressies so I might miss out on this one. I did look at the menu and they have a veggie and a chicken dish so she might be OK there.)
And one kind of fun atmospheric kind of meal (50’s Prime Time, Whispering Canyon, Ohana’s?)
Anyone have any good suggestions?


Bacon! Did you say bacon? :happy: (See, I get lost there, too.)

I think you’d be okay with just about anywhere if she eats chicken. Breakfast, especially, should be no problem at all no matter where you go (and I like Crystal Palace better than Chef Mickey- both for the food and for the ‘walking up an empty Main Street’ effect).

I do like 'Ohana and love an excuse to see the Poly, but I’d run the menu past her. I think the sides are wonderful and better than the meats, but the focus there really is all about the meat.

Also remember that if you do a nice sit-down, especially in one of the signature restaurants, the chef may be willing to put together a vegetarian entree if what’s on the menu doesn’t suit.

Sounds like a fun trip!


I think Hoop-De-Doo would also be a great meal/show for a first-timer! The Chef Mickey’s breakfast might be a bit easier to match her vegetarian diet (lots of fruit, pancakes, etc).

Prezcatz Paul


Yea, Bella!! A trip for you and The Dave plus you get to see WDW through newbie eyes. How fun!

I know places like 'Ohana and Hoop Dee Doo will work with you on a veggie dish so even if the menu doesn’t look good she may be able to get something else.

Your ideas look good, you have picked places that are different from restaurants you can go to at home.


Teppan Edo, Marrekesh, California Grill, Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe, Citrico’s, Yak and Yeti would all be good places to start for vegetarian meals.
Gotta do Crystal Palace for breakfast, but all buffets have fruit bars and vegetarian selection at breakfast and vegetarian selections all day.
It’s funny though, most vegetarians I know will eat fish if they eat chicken or they’ll eat fish and not chicken. It’s red meat and pork that they’ll all avoid. I’m not sure what I’d do if your friend was a strict vegan, but I’m sure most places in WDW can work out something for vegetarians or anyone else with dietary issues.


I went to WDW with a Vegan a few years back and had good experiences at California Grill, Wolfgang Puck Express, Kona Cafe and Boma. The chef at breakfast at Boma was particularly helpful. He walked my friend around the buffet and pointed out exactly what she could eat. Then he asked her what some of her favorite things to eat were and whipped her up an entire made to order breakfast. She said it was all delicious!


Bella, we have a friend who is also taking her family for the first time in February, I found I am so excited telling her our tips as I dont want them to miss anything as this is a trip of a lifetime for them and they probably wont go again for quite some time-so I love this thread as I can ‘borrow’ some ideas for her.


I agree, Hoop De Door for a first timer, or a 100 plus timer, just plain fun. For a character breakfast, I like the 1900 Park Fare as their food is good, there is a nice variety, and it gives you an execuse to visit the GF. For vege meal, the dining room (what ever they call it now) at Japan is great choice.


I would def embarrass the newbs. Get them the ears, and the big pins. If you experience it, Disney has a market for it it. You shouldn’t have an issue with food as WDW has something for everyone. If you want a good sit down, Fulton’s Crab house is great. If she eats chicken, they have choices for the non red, pork, fish eating patrons. Really good food, I am a picky eater.


We all prefer the Donald’s Breakfasoraus to Chef Mickey’s. We really didn’t like the breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. The grits and sausage gravy at Donald’s were closer to southern style then Chef’s. Also, get the earliest breakfast seating then after eating run over to EE to get FPs or walk on. It has worked for us both times.


Oh by the way we LOVE CP for lunch! It gives you a nice break in the middle of the hot days!


The way to do it is to get fast passes and THEN walk on. Depending on how the crowd builds, you could ride 2 or 3 times before the Fast Pass activates.


That is what we did. But we had an even bigger bonus, we got FPs, then got a baby swap because DS was only 4 months and walked on. My DD rode 3x times in a row before FPs activated. We ended up giving our FPs away.


Are you taking me as a surprise??? My guess is that you are trying to trick me by saying that I have never been… Just kidding… About the pickiness… I am practically a vegetarian (chicken-no fish). I would not suggest Hoop-de-doo-only because of the menu… However, most places there is chicken,and or some vegetarian selection… I would just pick your favorite places, and then make sure that she will eat there… It will be fun…

ok- now when are we going??? (just kidding)


We have gone with Vegetarians before. When you make your Reservations. Tell them that you have a Vegetarian with your party. They will make every effort to accomodate. They will make special things that are not on the menu. All you have to do is ask.