It's beginne to look a lot like


Disney!! DD and I made our annual countdown chain last night and it is hung. The first link gets pulled on Wednesday…at the 60day mark…!!! I would post a picture, but can’t get the stupid camera software to function right…I have to get that fixed before the trip. I am doing an “as I go” report this time and have to be able to upload the pics.

Wish me happy trip countdown!!


Only 63 days to go!!! you’ll be there and loving disney before you know it. Have an awesome trip and enjoy your countdown.


Thanks!!! The excitement is just starting to really build…it will be insane from Wendesday on…lol


Enjoy your Trip Countdown!!..


yeah!!! dana’s going to disney, dana’s going to disney! :C)


I can’t believe it took this long for the excitement to kick in to full gear…I don’t even have suitcases out:blush: I have just had so much craziness going on in my life…thanks for being excited for me guys!!



now that’s just crazy talk!


Enjoy the anticipation! I think it’s almost as fun as being there!


i am excited for you b/c I will be leave for my vacation when you get back (almost)


Yippee for you!! 60 days will go in a SNAP! :happy: And you’ll be walkin’ down Main Street in NO TIME!!! :wub:


We usually do a WDW chain also. The kids love it.
How exciting to be so close!!


You know, that’s a great idea. I think I’ll start one at 90 days. Have fun on your count down Dana. That 60 days will pass in no time.


The days pass even faster when you have a new color link every ten days…it’s like a mini countdown within a countdown.


Go Dana! We’ll count with you!


how exciting. wow, to see that chain getting smaller and smaller will really build the excitement!