It's bitter, yet so sweet


As I adjusted the temporary countdown in my signature to reflect the exciting “29 days to WDW” mark this morning a sudden wave of excitement came over me! “I AM GOING TO WDW IN ONLY 29 DAYS?!?!?! My goodness, it’s coming SO soon and staying at the Boardwalk for the first time if going to be such a highlight!!!” I was so excited I called DH’s cell phone to remind him, "YOU’RE GOING TO WDW in ONLY 29 days!! He seemed just as excited as I was!:smile: :biggrin:

Then wait [just like the Sour Patch commercial where the candy kid gives a girl roses when he’s sweet and kicks her when he’s bitter] my KICK came 2 seconds later!!! Yes, it may only be 29 days until WDW but that also means SUMMER’S OVER!!! Within a week of returning from WDW… back to school, back to work… no more summer fun 2006!:sad:

I know I am very lucky, not too many people get to bookend a summer with Disneyland AND Walt Disney World but can you believe I am almost wishing my WDW trip was just a liiitttttlllleeeee farther away if only to keep summer around a little longer.

Ahhh, 29 days, it’s bitter sweet.


Sure buzzkill my morning! boo hoo boo hoo - oh wait… that means the kids will be back in school soon? WooHoo!!! (just kidding I love having them home- its such a nice help)

How exciting to be so close… Im coming up on my ADR date and that is getting kind of thrilling for me!


I totally know what you are thinking, it happens to me every summer. Normally we go to WDW in late July through the first week of August. Once we get home summer is about over and it’s time to get my classroom ready. Try not to think about it and enjoy your trip.


I know what you mean, I have been moping around about the kids going back to school in just 3 and a half weeks. I like having them home.:sad:


You’re crazy! When you get back you get to start thinking about all those great new fall outfits you get to wear, all the holiday presents you get to buy for your friends and family (that means SHOPPING!!!), the cool, crisp weather of fall…it’s a good thing! :slight_smile:


Ok…I’m jealous! Weren’t you just there?!? and in DL?!?


You could always cancel your WDW trip so that you are able to relish the last days of summer at home!:biggrin:

No? Didn’t think so…


I move into college two days after we get back from WDW…woah…it’s crazy.

And we leave in 15 days…whimper


Man:sad: … did you have to say that! I’m at the 23 day mark and I’m usually pretty focused on all things WDW. At this point, life beyond our vacation pretty much stays off the radar. Except when someone insists on pointing out the grown up life waiting when we get back. I really don’t want to look that far ahead:sleep:


Oh are gonna have the best time !! Can’t wait for your pictures from that trip!


That’s so the case for me, too!! It gets me in a mess, though, because I just leave things to do “after vacation.” When I get back, I’m usually in a quite a pickle… :pinch:


I know what you mean too. I love summer, hate being cold and the winter. After July 4th it just seems like the summer slips away. I could easilly live in Florida!!!
Now that my WDW trip is over, there in no more planning, but I do have the Jimmy Buffett concert in 11 day! Sweet. :cool:


I feel your pain Wish!

I’m already having anxiety about our December trip, and coming home 7 days before Xmas. I always host the big Xmas Eve dinner thing, and I’m just freakin’ out over how I’ll come home, catch up on life, clean up/unpack/laundry from the trip and have the house, and Kitchen ready for Xmas eve!

Is it worth it…ABSO-POSI-TIVELY!!!


Are you kidding, I can’t WAIT for summer to be over. I’m tired of working 80-90 hour weeks. I’ve lost track of how many days I’ve given my resignation (in my head).