It's Christmas time must be time for Disney!


Well we are all almost packed, work is over for 12days not sure what to do with myself over that, ready for Christmas all the present wrapped, cookies baked for Santa, Snow on the ground(white Christmas) yea, just waiting for the kids to go to sleep so mama and me can retire for the even.
So we can get up early and have a wonderful Christmas day an leave out late for a 15hour drive to the world.

We will celebrate the oldest DD 10 birthday on the 29th with a tea party at the GF, New year eve at MK. other than that no day to day plans for what to do. I have been overruled on an we will be doing 2 days at Universal. I only wanted one day because it means one less day for the world.

This is a list of the cast on the merry trip. Myself, DW, DS22, DS Girlfriend of 6years(21) just turned on the 22nd Birthday and Christmas present from us, DD (9) turning 10 on the 29th, and DD(7).

Staying from Dec 26th until Jan 2nd. at our offsite timeshare.

I would also wish to say a Merry Christmas to all and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!


Have a safe trip down to the world. Good luck with the storm I see moving through the GLKS area.

Are you going to do a play by play TR or one at the end?


I will most likely not have the ability to do a play by play trip report. I am not sure if the DS cell can do that or not. I am not the tech genious. That has long past me by.
We currently Have around 3inches with not much more to come it’s sure pretty out. I am planning on when the kids wake us up somewhere around 5 or 6 to fix breakfest after the gifts are open and than take a nice walk into the woods to see the sites I love walking in the woods after a fresh snow. Than start the Christmas lunch and get a bunch of sleep.


Just checked the forcast for the time we are to be in Disney. Wonderful says it all. even at in the fifty’s better than in Southern Il.


Well just about packed going to get some sleep and start the 15hour journey south to the world. Found out that DS can update via his cell phone so I will try to get something updated thoughout the week if I can.


Have a great trip. I hope the crowds are not too bad.
the Tea at the GF is lovely.


Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Have a safe trip.