It's finally here!


Tomorrow I will be in The World!!! YAY!:laugh: I just had to celebrate for a minute!


Yeah … I’m jealous.

Cold and jealous.


Count me in as jealous too! PLEASE do a FULL TR when you return. I am so in need of a TR to curb my PDD. Have a great time!


Woo-Hoo!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!


Yippee!!! Have a wonderful time:)


YIPPEE! Hope you have a wonderfully magical time!
Oh, I’m jealous too :blush:


YAY for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Have a great time!


I’m jealous too!!! Have a great time! And, I can’t wait to read a trip report when you get back. I am having PDD!!!


:goofybounce:Yay! Can’t wait for the TR! Take lots of pics for us jealous folks back here at MB.


Have a fantabulous time!


Hopefully your trip gets off to a better start than ours did last Wednesday morning. Our flight got canceled and instead of a direct flight getting us to Orlando Int. at 9am to meet DME, we had to go through Charlotte and Tampa then drive to O’Hana to our 6:00 ADR - just a few minutes late!


Have a magical trip!


Enjoy your trip. I have about the worst Disney fever I have ever had.


Have a great time for all of us who still have to wait:mickey:



Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to a TR if you are up for it


AWESOME!!! Enjoy every minute, and please share lots of details when you get back.