It's official! gingles & family return to the world!


Due to the wonderful DDP fall discount and our extreme impatience, we’re breaking our 3-4 year WDW rotation and going right back this year! This is a budget trip at Pop Century and no USF/IoA sidetrip but we’ll have 6 nights and 7 days with that heavenly dining plan! Look out LeCellier.



YAY! Congratulations…Free Dining RULES!!! :mickey:


Ye-haw!!! Congrats Gingles!! Enjoy!!


YAY!!! Have fun planning!!! :cool:


That’s great! You guys are going to have a great time! :mickey:


Congrats! :mickey:


Woohooooooooo!!! GingleBells! I am so excited for you!


YAY!!! Free food rules!


Congrats! Now the planning fun really begins!


Thanks everybody!

The 06 Unofficial Guide already arrived from Amazon today and I’ve been refreshing my memory! I also got an AR for lunch at CRT although DD’s 1 and 2 may have an argument between CRT and HDDR–both are 2-point meals so we can’t do both. This could get interesting.

The hard part is getting our crew to agree on the other TS AR’s. We are definitely going to try at least one or two new ones in addition to our old faithfuls (LTT, LeCellier).

Personally I can’t wait to strap in on EE!


Glad to see you have another trip in the works!


How great for you!! I recommend Boma as one of your AR’s if you haven’t tried it yet.


That’s funny, that’s one of the restaurants DD#2 suggested. I think it has a good chance to make the list! We’ve never eaten there but I’ve heard good things. Also, it will give us a chance to take a look at AKL!


Congrats to you and happy planning. I can’t wait to see your plans!


I am SOOOO excited I cant wait, we are going to have a BLAST!!! And I am looking forward to LeCellier again!


I put down our deposit tonight!

I almost forgot today was the last day and when I called Disney was closed. I kind of panicked but signed in online and was able to make the payment there. I logged out and back in and it showed the $200 deposit as received on May 13.

However, I will call tomorrow to make sure!


funny, i see that not only are we going to The World at the same time, but we are also staying at the same resort! it’s POP for us as well, and the free DDP was what hooked us into this time slot as well.

Must be a “Louisiana” thing! lol

Here’s to great times for the both of us… “CHEERS”


hmmmmmmm… the similarities are just adding up. Wonder if we end up in the same building at POP! that would just be too coincidental. lol doubtful… but definitely coincidental nonetheless!


Hey, we’re native Louisianians–great minds think alike! :wink:


must be something in the water! lol