It's Official Hong Hong here we come!


My wife (TINK0368) and I are off to China January 3rd!!! And we are looking to spend a day at the new Disneyland!!!
We only have one day, as we are visiting China as guests of a company partly owned by the government.
We can not wait and can not wait to report about Hong Kong Disneyland!


Wow, you’ll be the first DCer to be so lucky. I am hoping for pics and a huge trip report. Congratulations to the good fortune


You are officially LUCKY!!! WOW, please come back with LOTS of pictures and stories.


Oh how exciting…yay for you!


PICTURES!!! We are already looking to get a better digital camera. When we were at EPCOT last month, the CHina Pavaillion had a great Imagineering exhibit of the new park. It looks amazing, situated near huge mountains.


WOW! Can’t wait to hear all about that one!!!


that is so cool. i can’t wait to read all about your trip to DL HK. lucky you!


WOW! I would love to go to China! Can’t wait to read your trip report!


How awesome is that… Congrats have a great time and take lots of pictures. can’t wait to hear all abou it.


Now THAT’S some exciting news!! How lucky you are!

Please take lots of pictures and be sure to share them with us when you get back.


WOAH! Thats GREAT!!! Congratulations! yep, pictures is all we want over here :mickey: hee hee
Have a great time!!!


That is great news! I am with the rest of the DC gang looking forward to an awesome trip report (complete with ultra-attractive pictures, MrDisneyFan1-san!