It's official--I closed today on BCV


I have known for a while now that I passed ROFR on my 150 point BCV contract. I finally closed today, so it is official. We are officially owners at BCV!!! I am so excited and can’t wait to make our Christmas reservations. I was told that it will take 7-10 days for Disney to get me into the system so that I can book the trip. I bet the week will go way too slowly! :laugh: I have been so ready to make the reservation ever since the 11 month window opened up. I sure hope that I am able to book BCV for this year’s trip.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement!


I get to be the first Mousebuzzer to say WELCOME HOME!!!


Thanks! I can’t wait to get the welcome packet from Disney and the membership cards in the mail!


Congrats!! That has got to be SO exciting!! :biggrin: You have joined a very very special “family”! :happy:


Congrats!! Welcome Home!!!


Congrats!! Welcome home!


Congratulations and welcome home neighbor.




Congrats and Welcome Home!


Welcome home


Welcome Home BCV neighbor! Congrats!


Welcome home neighbor!


Congratulations! How exciting for you. Ummm, at this point I’m supposed to say “Welcome Home” I think… :blush:


Congratulations and WELCOME HOME!!! I walked through the BC last August and thought it was gorgeous!!


CONGRATULATIONS…welcome home!!!



and of course CONGRATULATIONS!


Congrats and welcome to the neighbourhood!


Congrats to you. I wish my husband would just cave and let me have my way into becomming DVC owners. Best of luck to you and your family.



Best of luck getting into BCV for Christmas. ~Pixie dust coming your way.~


Glad everything worked out for you!