It's official! Okw here we come!


The 7 month window opened today and the wonderful MBer that I’m renting from was able to call for our ressies. We are officially booked in a 2 bedroom villa at OKW Oct.29-Nov.5! SO EXCITED! We LOVED our studio at OKW Thanksgiving and can’t wait to see the 2 bedroom. My parents have never stayed there and I think they will love it. Plus a dear family friend is now going with us and he has NEVER stayed on site nor been to any park other MK. So now the next milestone will be ADRs. I’m just ecstatic to be officially booked!


Yes, that is such a good feeling to know the room location is set. I hope we have as much luck as you when the seven month window opens for us.


Yay!!! :mickey: That’s great!!


Yay!! You will be totally blown away when you see the two-bedroom. We’ve stayed at every DVC and we still keep coming back to OKW because the size of the suites cannot be beat. Hope you have a terrific time!

We were able to get a refurbished suite last stay and the changes they have made are absolutely lovely. (Even the huge arm chair in the living room turns into a bed). I’m sure the whole refurb will be completed by the time you get there. (save an ADR for Olivia’s - one of the best-kept secrets of WDW).




Yay! I love having that secure feeling of officially being booked. You’ll love the 2 bedroom. OKW has such large rooms!


Hooray!!! It feels so good to have your ressies all set!!!


What a Coincidence - I, too, recently locked in my reservation. I’ll be at VWL the week before you go to OKW.

Wow - too weird.

Down right Freaky - when you think about it.


VERY FREAKY! Too bad I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the identity of my WONDERFUL MB renter! Can’t blow an image out of the water you know.:laugh:


Well done! glad to hear your reservation is all set.


We will be at OKW in a 2 bedroom the first week of Oct. I’ll try to post some pictures for you!


True that - Image is everything, you know.


Whoa - Andre Agassi said that! And I LOVE tennis - WHAT a coincidence!! FREAKY!


WELL! EVIDENTLY some OTHERS have been REPLACED!:glare:


NEVER REPLACED!!! :blush: The first experience was awesome BECAUSE of “others”. :wub:I’m actually quite spoiled and blame my two WONDERFUL MB pals!:wub: If either of these two have points to rent for 2012 just let me know! I’m becoming quite addicted to the DVC lifestyle.:laugh:


Yes, well, I taught the boy everything he knows, ya know.


You live in your own happy litte world, don’t you?


:happy:Aww - you’re so sweet.

Yes, it’s a lifestyle that isn’t hard to get use to!:laugh: